M48 Severn Bridge status: is it closed, when will it reopen, is Prince of Wales Bridge open amid strong winds

High speed gusts of winds and dangerous driving conditions has left the M48 Severn Bridge unusable for commuters

After a fairly mild autumn so far, the UK found itself battered by wind and rain at the start of November. The weather conditions of recent days have seen high winds and heavy rain come to regions of the country.

The conditions have led to diversions and close roads in busy areas, forcing commuters to find a different route home. One of the areas affected by this is southern Wales and south-west England.

The M48 Severn Bridge was affected by high winds. Vehicles were stopped from using the bridge when wind gusts hit above 46mph.

It comes after the road was also closed on Tuesday evening due to high winds. Traffic Wales and the Met Office has also warned road users that more bad weather could be coming their way.

But when will the M48 Severn Bridge reopen? Here’s everything you need to know.

When will M48 Severn Bridge reopen?

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for wind across parts of Wales, including in the south where the Severn Bridge is located. This warning is in place until 9pm on Wednesday 2 November.

Winds of 55 to 65mph are expected during the yellow weather warning. The bridge had been closed for most of the evening, with drivers unable to access it.

However, at around 9.30pm, National Highways confirmed that the Severn Bridge had reopened. They tweeted “#M48 #SevernBridge in #Gloucestershire is now open in both directions between J1 (#Aust) and J2 (#Chepstow) following the earlier strong winds.”

The busy Severn Bridge has been closed amid high winds and a yellow Met Office warning. (Credit: Getty Images)

Is the Prince of Wales Bridge open?

While drivers may be inconvenienced by the closed Severn Bridge, there is still another route available to commuters. The Prince of Wales Bridge, located slightly to the south of the Severn Bridge, is still open as the newer bridge has barriers which helps to protect from strong winds.

However, drivers are warned that congestion in the area has led to delays on the road. As of this evening, drivers are facing waits of up to 40 minutes to pass the bridge.

Earlier in the evening, motorists on the M4 were reporting waits of up to an hour. With the Severn out of commission, the Prince of Wales Bridge provides the only over-the-water link from the south-west English coast to southern Wales.