UK weather: Britain to bask in sunshine this weekend with temperatures set to hit highs of 17C

Following a chilly week, temperatures across the UK are set to climb as the weekend approaches

Temperatures across the UK are set to climb after a cold previous few weeks that saw much of the UK experiencing snow and minus temperatures.

The Met Office says that there will be “sunshine for many” and that clearer skies are on their way.

‘It’s going to feel warmer’

The warmer weather is set to coincide with the lifting of Covid restrictions around the UK (Photo: HOLLIE ADAMS/AFP via Getty Images)

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said: “Another cold morning on Friday to wake up to but for all of us it’s going to be a dry day with sunny spells, especially during the morning.

“For the vast majority it’s just looking dry with spells of sunshine and it’s going to feel a little warmer compared to previous days.”

In parts of Scotland, the temperature will reach up to around 16C, and forecasters predict a high of 17C elsewhere across the country in the coming days.

The Met Office says that today (Friday 16 April), the vast majority of the UK will see a mixture of broken cloud and sunny spells, but will be feeling quite warm with light winds. It will get a bit cloudier and breezier in the far northwest with some rain to come.

Temperatures in the double figures

In the evening, for the most part, the skies will be clear allowing a “widespread frost to develop”.

On Saturday (17 April) there will be cloud and light rain clearing from northern Scotland, and everywhere else will see another dry day with patchy clouds and some sunshine for many.

There will be temperatures between 12C and 14C in many areas, in comparison to the chilly days that we’ve had previously.