Two adults and a teenager with British family among dead in Kabul airport terror attack

They were among at least 75 people killed in the attacks, which also injured more than 150 people

Two British adults and the child of a British national were killed in the attacks which rocked Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul yesterday (26 August).

Embattled foreign secretary Dominic Raab has confirmed the deaths, adding that two other people linked to the UK were injured.

At a glance: 5 key points

  • The UK government has confirmed that two British adults and the child of a British national were killed in the attack on Kabul airport on Thursday 
  • The child killed in the attacks was a teenager and of the two injured there is an adult British national and an Afghan child with British family
  • ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed at least 60 Afghan nationals and 13 US troops, while at least 150 people were injured
  • Originally reported as a dual bomb attack at two nearby sites at the airport, US security sources now claim there was only the one bombing at the Abbey Gate entrance to the airport and there was no attack at the Baron Hotel
  • Despite the attack both US and UK government have reaffirmed their commitment to the evacuation efforts, which will continue until the 31 August deadline

What’s been said?

Dominic Raab said: “These were innocent people and it is a tragedy that as they sought to bring their loved ones to safety in the UK they were murdered by cowardly terrorists.”

“Yesterday’s despicable attack underlines the dangers facing those in Afghanistan and reinforces why we are doing all we can to get people out. We are offering consular support to their families.

He added:  “We will not turn our backs on those who look to us in their hour of need, and we will never be cowed by terrorists.”