I let ChatGPT control my life for one day - here is what happened

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ChatGPT curated a wholesome workday for me - and I would recommend trying it out

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm - and not always for the best. Since its launch in November 2022, it has already seen some viral moments. However, even with its small flaws, it is a perfect example of just how futuristic tech is becoming. The question is - how good is it in creating a day-to-day routine for a person?

One travel expert used ChatGPT to plan her entire European backpacking trip on a budget but I tried ChatGPT during one working day, and this is what happened: 

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Plan a healthy morning routine for me

ChatGPT laid out a nice routine for me, something simple, easy, and quick to do which is perfect for me as I am not a morning person. It suggested I wake up at 7am which is a little earlier than usual as I work from home and usually get up at around 8ish for my normal morning routine. 

The AI programme prompted beginning the day with hydration, specifically: “Drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up to help with digestion, rehydrate your body after sleeping and boost your energy levels”. So I did. I drank around 400ml of hot water which I have to admit, did make me feel more alive and like I could function. 

Next, it suggested stretching or doing yoga. It said: “Doing some light stretching or yoga in the morning can help relieve tension and stiffness in your muscles, increase flexibility and mobility, and set a relaxed tone for the rest of your day.” I rolled out a mat and followed a 30-minute routine I found on YouTube which was a good idea as I had slept badly the night before. My body felt a little more relaxed and I felt like I could tackle the day head-on, rather than slumping at my desk during the work morning. 

Next on the curated plan was a healthy breakfast. ChatGPT told me: “Eating a healthy breakfast can help keep you focused and energised. Try to incorporate a mix of protein and complex carbohydrates like scrambled eggs with veggies or oatmeal with nuts and fruit”. I just lifted that idea; scrambled two eggs (added some spice…onions and coriander) and had it with some toast and a cup of tea. Very hearty start before work - I felt like I already had a productive day. 

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ChatGPT curated a wholesome workday for me - and I would recommend trying it outChatGPT curated a wholesome workday for me - and I would recommend trying it out
ChatGPT curated a wholesome workday for me - and I would recommend trying it out | Kim Mogg/NationalWorld

How long should my breaks at work be 

I had a list of articles to write supplied by my editor (thanks Matthew Mohan-Hickson) so planning what work I’ll be doing wasn’t on the agenda. What was important was pacing myself and getting everything done during the workday. I asked ChatGPT how long should each work break be and it suggested regular breaks every hour of 5-10 minutes which meant writing articles in a shorter time frame than I'm used to. 

The system told me to “get up and stretch, take a walk or do something else that helps you relax and recharge”. I took a number of small walks just around the neighbourhood, sometimes I opted to grab a snack (cereal) and once or twice I did some 5-minute yoga stretches I found again on YouTube.

I found myself becoming more productive as I had energy when I returned to my desk. I could power through each article and these breaks are something I will definitely implement in my daily work schedule. 


I got an hour for lunch and asked ChatGPT to recommend something that is veggie friendly and easy to make. I ended up with a sandwich (a lot of bread today) that resembled something similar to a ploughman’s. It was a very quick and easy lunch that was filling. I’d give the recommendation 8/10 for its ease and simplicity.

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After work activities 

After finishing work at 5pm, thanks to the efficient working schedule by ChatGPT, I had a bit more spare time than usual. After consulting the AI, I was told that a good after-work activity was to exercise, which is why I took a long walk through the park near where I live. I usually go for a walk after work anyway, so this didn’t feel too out of the ordinary for me. The extra time was oddly rewarding and I felt the day was more productive and efficient even though I had only made a few changes. 

The AI programme also suggested reading, socialising and trying a new hobby which I added in. I met a friend for a quick drink and started a new book of short story anthologies. The new hobby didn’t take off though, and instead, I crashed on the sofa. I asked ChatGPT what I should order for dinner (as I was getting lazy at this point and didn’t want more bread) and ended up grabbing some Thai food from a local store.To round off the night - I asked the AI for a recommended feel-good film and ended up watching The Grand Budapest Hotel.


It felt strange to constantly go back to ChatGPT to ask after my next move. Although it didn’t suggest a routine that was overwhelmingly busy, I felt like I had a very productive day and there were some bits that I would definitely incorporate into my daily routine. I don’t think, however, I will be asking ChatGPT to plan every day just yet, but I would recommend trying it at least once in your life.

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