Best neck massagers 2022: top massager models ​including shiatsu, cordless, handheld and rechargable options

Whether you’re wanting to ease some tension or simply enjoy a relaxing experience, a neck massage machine is a great thing to have at home

Best neck massagersBest neck massagers
Best neck massagers

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These handy little devices can be grabbed any time, whether you’ve overdone it slightly on your workout and have some tense muscles you want to ease, or simply want to treat yourself to a relaxing experience at the weekend.

Massagers can not only provide pain relief, but they can also help to reduce stress too and give you a sense of calm.

They’ve been created to mimic the sensation we feel when a massage therapist is giving us a treatment with their fingers, some using rotating notes and some using pulses and vibrations.

These devices can also save you money as it’s much cheaper to use them in your own home as opposed to going to a beauty salon for a professional massage. Not only that, but they are more convenient. You can use them any time of day or night without the need for waiting for an appointment at the salon.

To add to your home spa experience, it’s also a good idea to use a aromatherapy oil diffuser so that you can make any room in your home smell like beautiful essential oils - just like a salon.

For extra cosiness, you could also use your massager while cuddled up under an electric heated blanket which will keep you feeling warm and even more relaxed.

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Below we’ve rounded up six of our favourite neck massagers that you can buy right now with just a few clicks.

Travelling, be it in a car, areoplane or on public transport, can be an uncomfortable experience after a longer period of time when we’re just sat in the same position.

This neck massager has been designed specifically for travel. It looks similar to a travel pillow, but the vibrations it provides will leave you feeling a lot more relaxed and will ease any aches and pains that start to creep in when you’ve been sat for a while.

A soft memory foam design provides support and comfort, while the invigorating vibration massage setting relaxes tense neck muscles.

You can choose a low or high speed to allow for a customisable experience, and it’s powered by 2 AA batteries so you really can use it anywhere, anytime.

There’s a removable, washable cover which means you can enjoy a fresh, clean pillow each time you travel.

As a bonus, a pair of ear plugs are included for added travel comfort.

This device is so much more than a neck massager.

The 8 two-way rotating massage heads simulate the hand movement you’d experience if you booked yourself a massage at a salon and provides an relaxing massage experience for you.

The U-shaped design of the massager means it’s perfect to place round your neck - but also that it can be used on many more areas of the body with comfort and ease including your back, shoulders, stomach, and waist.

It has a heating function for extra enjoyment and also 3 adjustable massage intensities so you can choose the appropriate massage intensity and enjoy a professional massage experience, whether you’re just looking for relaxation or want to work out some kinks.

This neck massager uses pulses to help relieve stiffness and pain and promote blood circulation.

It’s a simple but powerful machine and has 3 power modes, delivered through stainless steel nodes.

It also has additional vibrating gel pads that you can place on your shoulders or upper back for those days when you need a little bit extra.

As well as being soothing, this great little gadget also helps with your exercise warm-ups and recoveries too.

It requires 2 AAA batteries so you can quickly and easily start using it.

Alleviate aches and unwind tension with this handheld massager which has been designed to deliver deep tissue massage for intensive muscle relief.

Delivering up to 3,000 pulses per minute, the system uses dual pivot nodes and rapid percussive pulsations with variable intensity to create a custom treatment which will give you a salon worthy experience at home.

As this is handheld it’s perhaps not as easy to use as some of the other models that sit around your neck, however, the ergonomic design is easy and comfortable to use with a lengthened handle and rubberized grip.

The postive thing about a handheld device, of course, is that it can easily be used on any place on your body, not just your neck - so this is excellent value for money.

Changeable nodes allow you to vary the intensity and the strength, with softer nodes for more sensitive areas, and gradual heated nodes to sooth problem areas.

This is a lightweight, portable and cordless massager that you can use any time.

It’s very simple and can be controlled through an app on your phone, so there’s no remote control to keep track of.

You simply put this around your neck, press the power button of neck massager to start. There’s 6 massage modes, 18 intensity adjustment and 3 heating levels so you can tailor the massage to suit you.

It has 3D stainless steel electrodes for a comfortable fit. This will also provide a cooling sensation on the neck and also won’t rub your neck after longer periods of use.

Available in pink or white, with prices starting at £20.98.

Cushion your neck and massage it with this brilliant machine.

It has four massage heads and 24 massage nodes with rotate both left and right and provide a deep massage that is both relaxing and effective at relieving any pain you may be experiencing.

It is made from memory foam for ultimate comfort, so it’s like a cushion and a massager all on one. It provides 360-degree U-shaped support and is held securely in place with an invisible magnetic buckle. This also means it will easily fit people with different neck circumferences and will truly support your neck.

There’s also a voice function that allows you to know what various functions and modes you are using more clearly, but you can also turn this off when you have chosen your desired function so you can avoid interrupting your relaxing time.

This is also rechargable and wireless too so you can use it wherever you like.