Cyber Monday deals mattresses UK 2022: best mattresses on sale, with discounts on Emma, Simba, Silentnight

You can get yourself a new mattress for less this Cyber Monday

The best mattress deals for Black Friday 2022.The best mattress deals for Black Friday 2022.
The best mattress deals for Black Friday 2022.

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Whether you have a single, double or king-sized mattress, it’s one of the most important items in your home - and therefore one of the most important purchases you will make. If you are looking for a new mattress then now is a perfect time to buy as Cyber Monday is just around the corner - and that means you will be able to get some of the best mattresses on the market at discounted prices.

This is excellent news, especially as many of us are struggling right now, with the prices of everything going up right now due to the cost of living crisis.

What are the best mattress deals available for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022?

Here are some of the best options at a glance:

  • Emma matress: Emma are holding what they call a Black November sale, and mattresses across their range are being discounted by up to 60%. The website states that these offers are available until midnight on Friday 25 November.
  • Simba mattress: Simba have also reduced prices of mattresses across their range by up to 60% this Black Friday. This is the biggest Black Friday reduction we have seen on Simba mattresses as last year prices were cut by up to 45% on this sales day. Better yet, Simba are also offering a price guarantee that you won’t find a better price for their products in 2022, but if you do, they’ll refund the difference
  • Silentnight mattress: Silentnight is yet to launch any Black Friday deals on their mattresses specifically, but there were discounts throughout November last year so it’s worth keeping a check on the website. There’s also third party websites such as Mattress Online, where you can currently get up to 70% off a range of mattresses including Silentnight. You can also save 15% off bedding over £149 with code SLEEPY15’ on the official Silentnight website, along with a free wellbeing weighted blanket, worth £60, with orders over £349.
  • Nectar mattress: Nectar have also launched their Black Friday sale early, and right now you can get up to 50% off selected mattresses. You’ll also get free named day delivery and your new mattress will be delivered in three days. This is even better than last year, when the discount level was up to 45%.
  • Otty mattress: Otty is offering all customers up to 50% off right now in their Black Friday sale. This is the same discount offered during last year’s seasonal sale.

Which mattress is best for me?

The answer to that question is entirely personal to you; it depends what kind of sleeper you are, what position you sleep in, and whether you prefer a harder or softer base to sleep on. Many mattress companies offer trial periods so you can test your new mattress extensively to make sure it’s the right one for you - so you won’t be stuck with a mattress you don’t like.

Is it best to buy a mattress on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Black Friday isn’t the only big discount day this November, it’s followed three days later - on Monday 28 November - by Cyber Monday. As the name suggests, this is another day where people can grab some pre-Christmas deals exclusively online. In previous years, the discount levels offered across various mattress suppliers have stayed the same across the entire Black Friday weekend, which includes Cyber Monday, and we are expecting this year to be the same. That means you’ll get the same great discounts no matter when you buy.

See some of the best mattresses on sale for Black Friday right now below. For ease of comparison, all the prices listed below are for single mattresses, but other sizes are available.

Mattress depth: 25cm

Trial period: 200 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

Discount: 50% off the original price, with prices starting at £249.50 depending on size

We’ve tested an Emma original mattress, and we can vouch for the quality and comfort it provides. Below is our review, but of course if you do decide to order you have over six months to make up your own mind.

“Sleeping on an Emma Original Mattress is akin to (we imagine) sleeping on a marshmallow.

A firmness rating of 6-7 out of 10 makes Emma’s Original Mattress a good mid-way mattress with medium firmness suitable for most people, with a few exceptions.

Made entirely of memory foam, it’s a light mattress (just 23.4kg for a double), which makes unpacking and positioning incredibly easy – even for a person on their own.

Along with the HRX foam, which helps to isolate motion so there’s no bed-shake when someone moves in the night, there’s also a viscoelastic layer, which contours to your body, and an Airgocell foam top layer, which absorbs moisture and provides a surprisingly cool sleep for a foam mattress.

There’s also a removable and washable top cover, which is handy for keeping it clean and fresh. It’s worth noting that, because the mattress is made entirely from foam, it does have a slight smell upon opening. However, it almost entirely disappears after a few hours of airing with the windows open.

Happily, Emma Original mattresses are made in the UK, and are entirely vegan.

It generally takes 2-4 hours for the Emma Original to fully inflate, though on occasion it can take up to 48 hours to expand completely.

A 200-night trial allows you to take your time testing the mattress to be 100% certain it’s for you (it can take up to 6 weeks to fully adjust to a new mattress) and return for free if you find it unsuitable.”

Mattress depth: 31 cm

Trial period: 200 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

Discount: 45% off the original price, with prices starting at £824.45 depending on size

The Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress is another mattress we have trialled for you, so you can know if it’s the right one for you before you put in your order.

As per our review: “This is Simba’s latest mattress, marketed as their most comfortable mattress yet - and we did find that to be true.

Where it differs from the Pro above is in depth - it’s 3 cms deeper, and airflow. What that means is that the layers within the mattress promote airflow and coolness, keeping you at a comfortable temperature regardless of whether it is a hot or cool night.

It features three tiers of 6,000 titanium Aerocoil springs, as well as a bamboo wool surface that is naturally antibacterial, breathable, moisture-absorbing, fast-drying, thermal regulating, anti-static, and wrinkle resistant.

What that translates to is a seriously comfortable night’s sleep.

The zoned system does a great job with weight distribution, leaving you well supported and avoiding roll together if you share a bed.

It does smell upon opening but this dissipates in about 24 hours. A hotel-worthy night’s sleep.”

Mattress depth: 24 cm

Guarantee: 5 years

Discount: 30% off the original price, with prices starting at £194.80 depending on size

This Silentnight mattress has been one of our Mattress Online’s top 10 mattresses for two years running, so it’s safe to say that it’s a great choice.

It offers miracoil springs, which means you can be sure of a good rest whether you’re big or small, as well as enhanced hip support. It’s been designed to relieve pressure points, so you know it will give you a properly restful night with no aches and pains. The comfort fillings over the springs are made of soft fibres so it feels inviting and cosy.

The breathable eco comfort technology will help keep you cool and fresh all year round, and the eco comfort fibres™ are also 100% sustainable, so it’s good for you and good for the planet. It has an extra-firm ortho feel and is made right here in the UK. It’s also single-sided so there’s no need to turn the mattress.

Mattress depth: 25cm

Trial period: 365 nights

Guarantee: Forever

Discount: 50% off the original price, with prices starting at £374.50 depending on size

This Nectar mattress is one of the best choices for those who really like to sink in to their bed at night, and have it feel as cosy as possible. We’ve also reviewed this one - and we love it.

Nectar’s Memory Foam mattress feels like a big, warm hug and, boy, do we need those more than ever right now. Its three layer foam construction (two of viscoelastic foam and a base layer of support foam) is designed to relieve pressure points and promote better spine alignment, whilst also providing that wonderful melting sensation you get with a good quality memory foam mattress.

It is rated 6.5 for firmness, so a fraction firmer than middle of the road, which means that it has those lovely spongy qualities about it whilst remaining supportive and allowing unhindered movement for combination sleepers (and no motion transfer to the person sharing the bed either). In short: it’s suitable for most people.

It has a cooling polyester cover, however we still found the mattress to veer a little on the warm side, particularly when used in combination with a feather duvet.

It’s a fairly heavy, handleless mattress, and our tester found it to be one of the trickiest to unpack alone. It was packed very tightly, and took slightly longer than other mattresses tested to fully inflate, so allow plenty of time for it to expand before using. It also has a mild, although not massively offensive, smell to begin with.

Nectar recommends speeding up the odor removal by placing a bowl of white vinegar in the room or sprinkling baking soda on the mattress then vacuuming to absorb the fragrance of the foam.

The mattress comes with two free memory foam pillows (win), a 365-day trial – the longest we’ve seen – and an impressive forever warranty, which guarantees a free replacement mattress if yours breaks from normal use. Oh, and, fun fact, it’s also naturally resistant to bed bugs.

Mattress depth: 25cm

Trial period: 100 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

OTTY’s Hybrid mattress is a solid all-rounder that would likely suit most sleepers. Rated 7/10 for firmness (with 1 being very soft and 10 being very firm), it feels spongy yet supportive on your frame, and makes getting out of bed in the morning ever-more challenging.

It contains both memory foam for comfort (which it has in spades) and individually-sewn pocket springs to minimise motion transfer for – in OTTY’s own words – those sharing a bed with a tosser.

Temperature regulating properties – which our tester, who tends to run hot at nighttime, gave a firm thumbs up – help to prevent overheating by releasing heat through the perforated foam, and a removable and washable cover allows you to keep the mattress in tip-top condition for longer.

It also has a non-slip base for use on all surfaces, whether a divan or an adjustable bed.

The box doesn’t have handle perforations, so it’s somewhat awkward moving around (in fact, your best bet is probably to unwrap first and then carry using the mattress handles), but the mattress is fairly lightweight and comes with a cutting tool for easier unpacking.

It can be used 2-4 hours after opening but may take some time to fully expand. It does have a light chemical fragrance at first, but we found it to be far less offensive than other mattresses we tested, and it faded much quicker too.

OTTY offers a 100-night trial of the Original Hybrid, so if it turns out not to be your cup of tea, it’s no big deal, and you can return for a full refund.