Dyson Airwrap: best alternative hair styling tools, and when will the Dyson Airwrap be back in stock?

Dyson airwrap: best alternative hair styling tools, and when will the Dyson airwrap be back in stock?

This is where and when you can buy the Dyson Airwrap - and alternatives
This is where and when you can buy the Dyson Airwrap - and alternatives
This is where and when you can buy the Dyson Airwrap - and alternatives

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Since then, the Airwrap has been the top of beauty lovers’ wish-lists - and as a result it is frequently sold out.

Sadly, this is one of the times that the Airwrap is currently out of stock on Dyson’s website, as the last devices available were snapped up ahead of the Christmas gifting season during Black Friday.

However, you can click on ‘keep me updated’ and enter your e-mail address to be among the first to be notified when more stock becomes available - so you can be one of the first to snap up this high-end styling tool as soon as possible.

Dyson is currently not sure when stock will become available again.

How do the Supersonic hair dryer and Airwrap work?

This superior hair gadget has heat settings and temperature regulation, intended to reduce the potential heat damage that regular styling can incur.

It might have a high price tag, (the Airwrap costs £449), but this is why - and it’s worth paying more to protect our hair from damage.

Over a lifetime of use, these gadgets could help us to have healthier and stronger hair.

Where else can I buy Dyson Airwrap from?

It is not just Dyson themselves who sell this top styling tool. They are also available from third parties such as Currys and Amazon, however, they are currently out-of-stock at these places too.

The best advice we can give is to bookmark these pages and keep checking to see when stock is available again.

What other styling tools are available?

The good news is that there are a huge range of styling and curling products available out there which will also leave your hair looking shiny and give you the volume and curls you desire.

There’s also a refurbished Airwrap which you can get at a cheaper price than the original Sirwrap, but act fast if you want this as it’s sure to sell out just as quickly as the brand new version.

Alongside the refurbished device, we have chosen six of the other best curling wands and hair stylers on the market - with something to suit every budget.

What else can I use to style my hair?

There are many ways you can change your hairstyle in 2022. You could change the colour using one of these best home hair-dyes, or instead of curling it you could straighten it using one of these top hair straightners.

This is the Dyson airwrap, but one that has been refurbished by Dyson engineers using genuine parts. The good news is that it is £50 cheaper than the brand new product - and it’s actually in stock right now.

It works in exactly the same way as the original new device and comes with nine attachments.

It has barrels to curl and wave, and brushes to control, smooth or add volume.

You can get the airwrap in two lengths - one for shorter hair styles and one for longer hair.

This ghd wand might be more expensive than some of the other curlers on the market - though it’s still very cost effective when compared to the £399.99 price tag for the Dyson airwrap - but it’s worth it.

ghd, which stands for good hair day, is one of the most well-know brand names in beauty - and so it’s no surpise that this is a superior curler.

With its 28mm to 23mm tapered barrel it creates natural curls and waves as well as volume effortlessly, and those beautiful curls will stay in place for hours without you having to refresh your hairstyle.

That makes this styler the right choice if you have a hectic schedule and need to be sure that your hair is looking perfect from morning to night with mimimal effort from you.

With a cool tip for you to hold on to, as well as a built-in safety stand, it is safe and easy to use and will give you a truly professional styling experience - taking just 30 minutes to achive perfect curls on all your hair.

This curling wand has a 28mm super polished true-titanium barrel for ultra-fast heat transfer and beautiful waves.

All you have to do is wrap your hair around the barrell for a soft, smooth wave.

There’s six different heat settings, up to 210°C, so you can control the heat and choose the setting which is most appropriate for your hair-type.

No matter which setting you pick, the barrell heats up quickly and the curls created will stay in place for hours - and it’s a brilliant price.

Right now, it’s even better value for money too as you can save £10 so it’s less than £30.

This curler is different to some of the others on the market in that it requires next to no effort from you.

It’s the perfect choice if you don’t have much experience with using a curling wand - or have much confidence about doing so.

You don’t have to worry about guiding your hair around the barrell in the correct way for your desired type of wave or curl. All you have to do is choose the right setting for your hair type and let the automatic rotating barrel do the rest.

It only takes 15 seconds to heat up too, so it can easily become a part of your morning routine - no matter how much (or how little) time you have to get ready.

The V05 brand is known for helping people to create simple and relaxed looks, and this curling want is no different.

Get ready for a chilled day at the beach - or a productive day at the office - using this gadget.

Simply wrap your hair around the curved oval shaped barrel to create loose, beautiful waves.

There’s an interchangeable barrel styler too so you can choose different styles to suit any given day - so one day you could create tighter curls with more definition and the next day you could have a softer wave.

Additional interchangeable barrel attachments available separately

This curling wand is one of the easiest to use as the lever will hold your hair as you curl and the 360° rotatable swivel cord allows you to move freely.

This means you can get the curls of your dreams, without having to worry about accidentally burning your hand.

It has a 34mm barrell size, so you can create big bouncy curls effortlessly - and they’ll last all day too.

The device itself is also beautiful. Rose gold continues to be a top trend colour, and this will look stunning on your dressing table.

Get a salon blow dry every day in the comfort of your own home, thanks to this styling tool.

It combines both a hair dryer and round brush to dry and curl your hair at the same time.

Featuring a unique oval brush and flexible tangle-free bristles, it’s perfect for all hair types and lengths, and will quickly and easily give you the bouncy curls you want.

It’s a lightweight device too so you can hold it comfortably while you curl all of your hair.