England fans warned by police about 'up to 500' Serbian ultras ahead of their opening game at Euro 2024

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England fans have been issued a warning ahead of Euro 2024.

England fans who have travelled to watch their team play at Euro 2024 have been issued a warning by German police - they could be joined by ‘up to 500’ Serbian ultras for their first game of the tournament.

The game between England and Serbia has been marked as ‘high-risk’ by officials. England are expected to take 40,000 supporters to the game - Serbia, meanwhile, will take around 6,500, according to estimated figures.

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Speaking ahead of the tournament, Gelsenkirchen police chief Peter Both said [via The Guardian]: “I guess the biggest challenge for us will be to identify violent, disruptive groups at an early stage, to separate them from peaceful and law-abiding fans, that will be our biggest challenge.

“Of course, there is a terror threat throughout Europe and also throughout Germany and for the upcoming tournament, but we don’t have concrete intelligence, concrete information, so it’s a potential terror threat.

“The terrorists want to generate fear. We say to all our guests, don’t let that happen. Enjoy your stay in Germany, and the German authorities are well prepared.”

On how they will deal with England supporters, Both said: “We will approach all the English supporters with an open mind, and I expect all my colleagues to treat them fairly and proportionately, and we only will intervene in the event of any criminal or public safety incident.

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“The chanting of Ten German Bombers is not criminal. It’s not forbidden in Germany. It’s stupid. It’s a stupid song. The English national coach said about that and he’s absolutely right. It’s ridiculous. It’s a stupid song, but it’s not forbidden.”

England will take on Serbia on Sunday, June 16, with a kick off time of 8pm GMT. Following this, the Three Lions will play Denmark on June 20 and Slovenia on June 25.

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