Premier League home kits 2022/23: we rank all the new kits from worst to best

Here are our rankings for this season’s Premier League home kits.

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With the Premier League kicking off last weekend, we finally got to see some of the brand new home kits in the flesh - while others will have to wait till the next match to show theirs off.

Kit launches are often one of the most highly anticipated parts of the summer while we have no football to entertain us and sometimes fans are left disappointed, while others are straight to the club website to purchase a new home or away shirt.

With all home kits fully revealed and ready to buy, we have ranked all 20 of them...

20. Wolves

Wolves’ new home kit doesn’t look much different to every other kit they have had - very plain and very boring.

Castore have produced some pretty nice shirts this season but Wolves clearly weren’t on their high priority list.

19. Everton

Everton have brought out a few bad kits in recent years and this is definitely one of them.

It’s very plain and definitely looks like a kit you would find in a 5,000-seater stadium in the third or fourth tier.

The logo also makes it ten times worse, though at least they don’t have Angry Birds on the sleeve anymore.

18. Chelsea

Chelsea’s home shirt is mostly pretty basic, which is why your attention is immediately brought to that horrific collar.

While the motive of representing legendary manager Ted Drake through the lion on the collar is great, it looks pretty bad. There were even calls to wear their training kit at home games instead as it’s much more appealing.

17. Brighton

The kit probably wouldn’t look terrible if it wasn’t for the sponsor, however the American Express logo really gets in the way of the stripes.

I much prefer the thinner stripes and no block colour - while I’m not too keen on the orange/yellow on the collar and sleeves either.

16. Aston Villa

This season is the first time Aston Villa have worked with Castore and they certainly haven’t taken any risks.

The kit isn’t much more exciting than previous shirts, while the chevrons on the front of the shirt is just a bit of an unusual addition.

15. Newcastle United

It’s good to see that Newcastle have reverted back to thinner stripes because last season’s kit was terrible.

This season’s is a huge improvement and the trim around the sleeves and collar is very smart, however it’s hard to rate this highely with the huge blue sponsor in the middle.

14. Leicester

Leicester’s new shirt is classic and pretty smart, though nothing special compared to every other one of their previous kits.

Also, this could just be me but I can’t help but think the golden adidas logo and the Leicester City badge look a bit out of place among the white.

13. Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest have opted for a pretty simple design, but what makes it look very smart is the subtle pattern on the sleeves that are inspired by the Trent Bridge.

This kit certainly has potential but it is hard to rate too highly when it doesn’t have a sponsor on it yet.

12. Leeds United

Leeds United’s kits don’t often change much, but they always keep it simple and classy and it works for them.

While the blue and yellow looks smart, I don’t think I can rate it too highly just because it’s nothing too exciting - though they tend to leave the wow factor for the away kit.

11. Liverpool

Liverpool never make drastic changes to their shirt but occasionally add some extra colour - however, this year they have opted for a full red kit.

It’s really nothing spectacular but it does look smart. I could take it or leave it.

10. Brentford

While Brentford’s kit is nothing special, I’m putting it about halfway just to reward the club for deciding not to bring out a new kit this season.

The home shirt is exactly the same as last year as they look to save some money for fans - a great idea.

9. Tottenham

I can never rate Tottenham’s kits very high as I think it’s quite difficult to do anything special with a plain white shirt.

However, it is definitely an improvement on last season’s full white bore.

While still nothing to get excited about, the yellow and black striped trim on the collar and sleeves is a nice little touch.

8. Southampton

It took me a while to decide on Southampton’s kit as it is very different from their usual, however it has grown on me.

It’s another shirt inspired by Southampton’s previous classic kits and I think the stripe down the middle looks great, as well as the subtle geometric pattern on top of the white.

This kit is very much like marmite.

7. Fulham

Like Spurs, Fulham’s shirt is hard to improve on season after season, however I really like this one.

The maroon colour on the sleeves and collar is the perfect addition to a rather plain kit and makes it look very smart.

6. West Ham

West Ham are a great example to Aston Villa on what to do with claret and blue and I think they have smashed it this season.

Inspired by Billy Bonds’ promotion-winning team, the graffiti-inspired detailing on the shoulder really makes it stand out.

5. Bournemouth

Bournemouth have gone for a different approach to their usual traditional stripes with a zig-zag style pattern, supposedly inspired by the architecture of the Vitality Stadium.

A risky one, but I think it really paid off and looks great.

4. Man City

This Man City kit is very simple but looks extremely smart - especially with the very nice maroon coloured bands on the collar and sleeves.

You can guarantee it’s a shirt that people will be wearing out and about and not just to the football as it looks very stylish.

3. Arsenal

Arsenal always pull off exceptional kits and they have done it once again.

The collar, white stripes and little zig-zag pattern all look brilliant and forms a very smart shirt.

2. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace went for a similar approach to Bournemouth, however I think there’s looks even better.

The pattern on the Eagles’ shirt is much less harsh then the Cherries and is more graffiti style - with the colours blending really well together. The addition of the white collar and sleeves is also a smart addition.

1. Manchester United

While Manchester United may be set for another tough season in the Premier League, one thing for sure is that they have a beautiful home kit to do it in.

While similar to Arsenal’s, the Red Devils’ kit looks slightly better to me and is the perfect retro look with the colour and badge.

My only argument is that the stripes should be white, but it still looks great and I have no doubt that these will be selling like hot cakes.