Seven footballers to re-sign for their old club for a higher transfer fee

Paul Pogba is set to leave Manchester United for free for the second time in ten years.

Paul Pogba’s contract with Manchester United finally expired this summer, after years of a potential departure being rumoured.

Six years after the Red Devils paid a staggering price for a midfielder they saw leave for free as a teenager, the Frenchman will now make a dramatic return to Juventus once again.

Pogba’s transfer to and from Manchester United will go down as one of the biggest disasters, but it certainly isn’t the only one.

On numerous occasions, clubs have made the mistake of selling their players for next to nothing before they regret their decision when they become much better than expected.

The clubs have to put their pride aside and snap up their former player on a much more expensive transfer fee than what they sold them for - and sometimes it works out, while sometimes it doesn’t at all.

Here are seven footballers that re-joined their former clubs for higher fees than what they were sold for.

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