Who will buy Chelsea? Ken Griffin and the Ricketts family net worth amid ‘blockbuster’ Chelsea takeover bid

The owners of Chicago Cubs have teamed up with a US billionaire to launch a takeover bid for Chelsea.

US billionaire Ken Griffin and Chicago Cubs owners, the Ricketts family, have reportedly teamed up and are preparing to launch a bid to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich.

Interested parties have until Friday to submit their takeover proposals to The Raine Group and the Ricketts family have confirmed they will make a formal bid before the deadline passes.

A statement made today explained the Chicago Cubs owners’ intentions to make a bid for Chelsea.

“The Ricketts Family, owners of the Chicago Cubs, can confirm they will be leading an investment group that will make a formal bid for Chelsea Football Club this Friday (March 18),” read the statement.

“As long-time operators of an iconic professional sports team, the Ricketts Family and their partners understand the importance of investing for success on the pitch, while respecting the traditions of the club, the fans and the community.

“We look forward to sharing further details of our plans in due course.”

Here is all you need to know about Ken Griffin and the Ricketts family...

Who is Ken Griffin?

Ken Griffin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the global alternative investment firm, Citadel.

Griffin attended Harvard College from 1986 and began investing during his time there.

The American convinced school administrators to allow him to install a satellite dish on the roof of his dormitory to receive stock quotes and later launched his first fund in 1987 with $265,000.

Griffin graduated in 1989 with a degree in economics and a year later founded Citadel LLC - a multinational hedge fund and the largest market maker in the US.

He has contributed tens of millions of dollars to political candidates and has also donated to a number of charitable causes, particularly in the fields of education and the arts.

The 53-year-old currently resides in Chicago.

What is Ken Griffin’s net worth?

At the time of writing, Griffin’s net worth is estimated to be $27.3billion, according to Forbes.

His net worth increased by $6.5 billion earlier this year after he sold a stake in his company - making him the third-richest person in finance.

Who are the Ricketts family?

The Ricketts family - Thomas, Laura, Pete, Todd and Joe - are the current owners of American professional baseball team, Chicago Cubs.

Joe Ricketts is an American businessman and philanthropist and father to the Ricketts siblings.

Thomas S. Ricketts is the Chairman of the team and is also the Chairman and co-founder of Incapital LLC - a firm that provides securities firms and individual investors more efficient access to corporate bonds.

Pete is an American politician serving as the 40th governor of Nebraska since 2015, Todd is the current Republican National Committee Finance Chairman and Laura is an American political activist and former attorney.

The Ricketts family acquired a majority interest in the Cubs in 2009, with the last Chicago outfit enjoying their most successful six years in their history, winning the World Series and completing a $1 billion renovation of Wrigley Field.

What is the Ricketts family’s net worth?

As of 16 March 2022, Joe Ricketts and his family have a net worth of $4.9 billion.

Combined with Griffin, the consortium will have a net worth of over $40 billion.