Why is Sweet Caroline so popular at football? Reason England fans sing Neil Diamond classic, and song lyrics

Sweet Caroline rung out at Wembley Stadium as England won Euro 202

England have won the Women’s Euro 2022 at Wembley.

England scored in Extra Time to win 2-1.

And as the full time whistle rang out, the crowds sang Sweet Caroline.

Sweet Caroline was sung by the Wembley Stadium crowd after England's Euro 2020 last 16 win over Germany. (Pic: Getty)

But why do England fans sing Sweet Caroline, how did it become so popular at football and other sporting events - and what are the lyrics so we can all join in next time!

Let's find out...

Why do England fans sing Sweet Caroline?

Good times never seemed so good as England saw off Germany in the final of the Women’s Euros at Wembley, with fans heard singing Sweet Caroline after the final whistle was blown at Wembley.

Such were the noise levels inside Wembley, Neil Diamond's song is in danger of usurping Three Lions by Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds as England's unofficial tournament anthem.

Its origins at sporting events are widely debated with some believing it found its way onto the football terraces from the cricket benches following the 2019 ODI World Cup in England.

Spectators inside Lord's for the final of the competition sang Sweet Caroline after England narrowly beat New Zealand in the super-over, which was decided on boundaries scored.

Others say fans of Aston Villa started the trend during a Championship game against Stoke City earlier that same year, which sparked a 12-game unbeaten run and eventual promotion.

Super League team Castleford Tigers are known to play the song after a home win while boxer Tyson Fury has sung the song at press conferences and in the ring after victory.

Further afield, Major League Baseball team Boston Red Sox sing the song in the middle of the eighth innings at Fenway Park where Diamond performed live in 2010 singing the anthem.

Why is Sweet Caroline so popular?

It's catchy, easy to pick up and an all-round classic song from the late 1960s.

The song seems to fit perfectly among the terrace back catalogue with a little "bah, bah, bah" after "Sweet Caroline", as well as an additional "so good, so good, so good" after the line "Good times never seemed so good", providing chanting opportunities.

Sweet Caroline lyrics

Where it began, I can't begin to knowingBut then I know it's growing strongWas in the springAnd spring became the summerWho'd have believed you'd come alongHands, touching handsReaching out, touching me, touching youSweet CarolineGood times never seemed so goodI've been inclinedTo believe they never wouldBut now ILook at the night and it don't seem so lonelyWe filled it up with only twoAnd when I hurtHurting runs off my shouldersHow can I hurt when holding youOne, touching oneReaching out, touching me, touching youSweet CarolineGood times never seemed so goodI've been inclinedTo believe they never wouldOh no, noSweet CarolineGood times never seemed so goodSweet CarolineI believe they never couldSweet CarolineGood times never seemed so good