Oldest US presidents: from Joe Biden to Donald Trump, who is the oldest American president in office - ages

In 2024 there’ll be 57 years of political experience between Trump and Biden - 53 of them Biden’s

Former US President Donald Trump has announced that he will officially launch a third campaign for the White House in 2024, though this time, Trump's path to the presidency is arguably much more complicated.

His announcement that he will run for re-election would be a surprising turn for any former president, let alone one who made history by becoming the first to be impeached twice and whose term ended with his supporters violently storming the US Capitol in a fatal attempt to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.

The former US Apprentice host also enters the campaign at a politically vulnerable time. He will have wanted to launch in the aftermath of overwhelming midterm results for the GOP, fueled by candidates he supported during this year’s primaries.

Instead, many of the candidates that Trump personally endorsed floundered, allowing Democrats to maintain the Senate and leaving the GOP with only a sliver of a House majority.

Then there’s also the factor of age. If he wins the presidency, Trump will be 78 years old when he is sworn in as President in early 2025. While this is the same age Joe Biden was when he took office, it would make Trump the second-oldest president in US history.

Clockwise from top left: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, William Henry Harrison, Ronald Reagan, and James Buchanan (Photos: Getty Images)

On the Democratic side of the race, things are looking a little long in the tooth too. Though Joe Biden is the US’ current president, and is therefore entitled to defend his seat for another term, he is the oldest leader in American history.

By November 2024, Biden will be 81, and with a potential second term presumably taking him to the ripe age of 85, his health will be a major source of debate.

His perceived fragility is already a target for many Republican rivals, and with polls suggesting mounting unpopularity for the sitting president, could he withdraw his name to give the Democratic leadership over to a fresher faced candidate?

When he installed Kamala Harris as Vice President, there was certainly talk that Biden had made the move with his age in mind, putting in place a potential replacement ready to take power with a term’s worth of experience under her belt.

But who are the oldest and youngest US presidents in the country’s relatively short existence? Here is everything you need to know.

Who are the youngest and oldest US presidents?

The median age of new US presidents at inauguration is 55 years.

Theodore Roosevelt, who took over the presidency at the age of 42 after William McKinley was assassinated, was the youngest person to do so. Roosevelt was also the youngest person to become a former president at the age of 50,

The youngest person to become president by election was John F. Kennedy, who was inaugurated at the age of 43. Kennedy, assassinated at the age of 46, was the youngest president at the end of his tenure, and his life span was the shortest of any president.

Ronald Reagan was the oldest president at the end of his tenure, at 77; this dubious honour will eventually fall to Joe Biden, who was older when he took office than Reagan was when he left.


It’s well known that Biden is the oldest US president in history. But if he wins the presidency (a prospect which, as it stands, looks fairly unlikely) Trump will be 78 years old when he is inaugurated. While this is the same age as Biden when he took office, Trump would be the second-oldest president in US history.

Trump is in fact already the second-oldest president in US history, having been sworn in for his first term as leader at the age of 70. That means that potentially, were it to come down to Biden and Trump in 2024, the race could be between the oldest and second oldest US presidents in history.

Behind him, Ronald Reagan is the third oldest, being 69 years old when he was sworn in in 1981. William Henry Harrison was 68 years old at the start of his presidency in 1841, and James Buchanan was 65 when his term began in 1857.