US Midterms 2022: Joe Biden and Donald Trump hit the campaign trail for the last time before polls open

The president and former president have been on the campaign trail to convince voters ahead of the midterm elections

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have made their last-ditch attempts to gain votes for their parties at the US midterm elections. The vote will be taking place across the US on Tuesday 8 November.

The race is close between Biden’s Democrats and Trump’s Republicans. Republicans are so far predicted to take the House of Representitives, while the Senate remains too close to call just yet.

Therefore both sides are hoping to sway undecided voters. The parties have called in the big guns to convince voters to lend their votes.

But what did each leader say? Here’s everything you need to know about the last campaign push.

What happened during Joe Biden’s campaign trail?

President Biden has been out on the trail visiting areas such as New York and Pennsylvania. The US leader is set to host one last event in Maryland on Monday (7 November) evening.

During an event for New York Governor Kathy Hochul, Biden told Democratic voters that Republicans were willing to overlook the January 6 attack on the Capitol, as well as “making light” of the recent attack on Paul Pelosi. He said: “There’s never been a time in my career where we’ve glorified violence based on a political preference.”

First Lady Jill Biden has also been pleading the case for her husband’s party. At an event in Houston, Ms Biden said: “So much is at stake in this election. We must speak up on justice and democracy.”

Her calls were echoed by Vice President Kamala Harris, who spoke while visiting an event in Chicago. She said: “These attacks on our democracy will not only directly impact the people around our country, but arguably around the world.”

What happened during Donald Trump’s campaign trail?

There were no surprises that Trump’s campaign trail was filled with strong rhetoric. The former president has even announced his intentions to run once again for the presidency in 2024, telling a Florida crowd that he “very, very, very probably” will make a presidential bid again.

Trump hosted an event in Miami, where he spoke about US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The topic was met by chants of “lock her up” from the crowd, echoing Trump and his supporters previous calls to lock up former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The former president is due to host his final rally in Ohio. The state is an important one to Trump, as it became one of the first to exemplify his current influence over the Republican Party, after he was influential in the picking of Ohio GOP candidate JD Vance.