10 things we’ll miss about lockdown life - from no more commutes to picking up new hobbies

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, which started in the UK in March 2020, ushered in a change of life that no-one could have imagined

Are you going to miss anything about lockdown life?
Are you going to miss anything about lockdown life?

When restrictions were implemented, everyone, for the most part, was suddenly confined to a single space, be it our own flats or homes - our worse, our parents’ homes.

While the pandemic has been a struggle, there are some things about the lockdown way of living that will be missed once life gets back to normal.

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The majority of us were suddenly thrown into working from home and while it may have its difficulties, one of the upsides was no more alarms set at the crack of dawn - instead, we reclaimed those precious few hours of sleep, setting alarms for 8am (or 8:59am for the daring) instead of 6am.
Another upside to working from home meant no more commuting into the office - no more having to sit in traffic, no more running for the bus, no more running out of money on your travel pass. Instead the commute moved to the next room over. Going back to the office might be nice for a while, but soon we’ll be dreaming of the bedroom to home-office commute.
Another tick in the working from home column - no more having to sit through the day in uncomfortable office gear. Home workers said goodbye to shirts and ties and hello to pajamas and loungewear. Even wearing jeans is a struggle now - but imagine squeezing into a suit when we have to go back to the office!
Even though we shouldn’t, a lot of us feel guilty for treating ourselves to a takeaway. But during lockdown, buying food and drinks from our favourite restaurants became an act of civic duty, supporting local businesses through a difficult time. Restaurants got creative with “do it at home” meal kits, breweries started delivering their products and local pubs were offering takeaway pints. As life gets back to normal, we’ll miss these treats.
Not being able to see our loved ones face-to-face meant that we stopped taking them for granted, and actually scheduled in catch ups, via text, zoom or phone calls. Everyone checked in on each other more, to make sure those they cared about were handling lockdown life okay. When things go back to normal, ironically we may find we’re actually catching up with our loved ones less.
With so much more free time, but having to stay within the confines of our homes, we couldn’t go on social media without seeing a picture that someone posted of their whipped coffees and homemade bread. The extra time allowed us to flex our culinary skills and try something new - or return to old favourites, like banana bread.
As well as cooking up a storm, the extra free time allowed many of us to try out some new hobbies, or even just return to ones that had been left by the wayside. Painting, drawing, writing, gardening, jogging - suddenly there were more hours in the day made available to try out whatever we wanted to do.
While we may have missed after work drinks at the pub, restaurant dinners with our friends and generally leaving the house, at the very least our bank accounts thanked us. Surprisingly enough, not being able to go anywhere or do anything is a great money saving tip.
With fewer people having to go out and about, you may have noticed your daily walks were free from traffic, leaving more space for walking, jogging, running and cycling. On the occasion you did have to take the car anywhere, you knew you wouldn’t be stuck in traffic.
Living under lockdown meant that we didn’t have to think up a lame excuse about why we couldn’t go out for drinks or dinner or to any social event when we really couldn’t be bothered. Instead, staying home with a takeaway and no plans but binging Netflix was celebrated.