When is pride month 2021 in the UK? What is the LGBTQ+ event, origins explained - and how to celebrate

Pride celebrations have gone ahead across the UK this summer

Pride celebrations are set to take place across the UK in June (Getty Images)
Pride celebrations are set to take place across the UK in June (Getty Images)
Pride celebrations are set to take place across the UK in June (Getty Images)

Pride month is almost over with millions around the world celebrating LGBTQ+ communities.

Like last year, celebrations have been scaled back due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but with lockdown easing there are still acts of celebration, protest, unity and solidarity planned across the UK.

As well as a time of celebration, the month is seen as an opportunity to learn about the history of the pride movement and push for greater equality.

Here’s what you need to know about Pride celebrations in 2021.

When is Pride month?

Pride month is celebrated every June.

June was chosen as it coincides with the Stonewall Riots which took place in June 1969.

What were the Stonewall riots?

On June 28, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in the Greenwich Village in New York City, beating many of the people they removed form the establishment.

Fed up of being targeted by the authorities because of their sexuality, members of the gay community took part in protests and rioted.

The scenes in New York City inspired gay communities across the world, leading to further protests and a push for equality.

Today the Stonewall Inn is recognised as a National Historic Landmark in the United States.

How is Pride being celebrated in the UK in 2021?

With social distancing and lockdown measures set to ease significantly in June, many parades and live concerts look set to go ahead this Pride. That being said several pride parades and celebrations have been pushed back to later in the summer to make sure they’re given every opportunity to go ahead.

According to gayprideshop.co.uk Pride events in Blackpool, Bradford, while Bi Pride and Trans Pride celebrations are also set to take part in late June.

You can read a full calendar of events here.

When are Brighton, London and Manchester pride?

Three of the biggest pride events in the UK take place in Brighton, London and Manchester, though none of these events take place in Pride Month.

Sadly Brighton Pride has been cancelled for 2021 due to difficulties in organising the event against the backdrop of a pandemic.

Manchester Pride is scheduled to take place on August 28, while London Pride is sue to take place two weeks later on September 11.

What does LGBTQ+ stand for?

LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or sometimes questioning), and others.