What happened in Love Island last night? Latest news as boys return from Casa Amor

The boys have returned from Casa Amor, but the drama on Love Island is far from over.

It’s the time that all Love Island fans eagerly anticipate – the complete chaos that ensues when the boys return to the main villa from Casa Amor.

As the boys entered the iconic villa on Monday (26 July) night, viewers got to know a whole set of new boys and girls.

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While all the girls initially stayed faithful to their partners, Liam, Tyler and Toby got to know the Casa Amor beauties.

Kaz and Matthew wasted no time getting cosy after Casa Amor postcard revealed Tyler's infidelity (Photo: ITV)

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Here’s everything that happened on Love Island, last night.

Fallout from Casa Amor

While this season of Love Island has been criticised for being on the dull side, last night’s return from Casa Amor certainly shook things up.

Could Hugo's luck be about to change? (Photo: ITV)

The boys headed back to the main villa, where the girls waited in anticipation to see whether they returned alone or with one of the girls from Casa Amor.

After a giant postcard had previously made its way into the main villa, reading “wish you were here” and showing the boys getting up to all sorts of trouble at Casa Amor, surprises were in store at the recoupling.

Kaz recoupled with Matthew, after the postcard showed her partner Tyler kissing Clarisse in bed in Casa Amor, with the girls in the main villa shocked to see Tyler return with Clarisse.

Millie stayed loyal to Liam and decided to remain with him, with Liam also returning to the villa alone. However, after Millie’s initial jubilation over Liam’s solo return, things turned sour when the three single Casa Amor girls who hadn’t been chosen, including Lillie, briefly came into the main villa to say their goodbyes.

Lillie then dropped the news that she had built a connection with Liam during his time in Casa Amor and had shared a kiss outside of challenges, leaving Millie devastated.

Faye, who had been shaken by the postcard as it showed her partner locking lips with another woman, decided to recouple with Sam.

However, the image of Teddy was taking during a game of truth or dare – in reality, Teddy has been sleeping outside on his own, and had spoken a lot about how much he misses Faye.

Teddy returned to the villa alone and was shocked to see Faye recoupled with someone else.

Meanwhile, Toby tried to make amends with Abi after he returned from Casa Amor with Mary, leaving Abi now single in the villa.

Has Hugo finally found love?

It seems that Hugo’s luck on Love Island could be set to change as the PE teacher finally got himself a couple of kisses outside of a challenge and returned to the main villa with Amy.

When Hugo and Casa Amor bombshell Amy shared their first kiss together, Hugo declared “job done".

While the phrase sent Twitter fans into a bit of a cringe meltdown, it doesn't appear to have put Amy off as the two were then seen kissing again in the next episode.

They then returned to the main villa together in Friday night’s (30 July) episode.

Love Island is on weeknights at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub . The episodes are available to stream on BritBox the following morning.