Eurovision bingo 2023: download your free bingo cards - and other song contest party ideas

Eurovision returns to the UK for the first time since 1998 and there are range of different ways to celebrate the event

Eurovision parties are held around the world each year. (Getty Images/ graphic by Kim Mogg)Eurovision parties are held around the world each year. (Getty Images/ graphic by Kim Mogg)
Eurovision parties are held around the world each year. (Getty Images/ graphic by Kim Mogg)

The Eurovision Song Contest is a celebration of musical talent from around the world and it is a great opportunity for friends and family to get together to watch all of the acts and have a social gathering or a party.

The event, which returns to the UK for the first time since 1998, has created waves of excitement for fans around the UK and thousands of people from around the world have travelled to Liverpool to get involved with the city’s two week festival. The competition is famous for launching the careers of stars such as Abba, Celine Dion, Julio Iglesias and most recently last year’s runner-up Sam Ryder.

Many households from around the world are expected to tune in to watch the event on TV and there are a number of great party games and ideas which can add further excitement to the historic occasion. With that in mind National World has taken a look at some of the best party games and ideas to add excitement to your Eurovision Party.

Eurovision best party games and ideas

Eurovision bingo

Bingo is always a party favourite during the Eurovision Song Contest and there are a range of different ways that you can play the game to make the spectacle more exciting. Here at National World we have devised our own bingo game for you to play along with at home. Right-click and save the image below and download your Eurovision Bingo Card for free!

Bingo is one of many fun games you can play during this year's Eurovision. (Getty Images)Bingo is one of many fun games you can play during this year's Eurovision. (Getty Images)
Bingo is one of many fun games you can play during this year's Eurovision. (Getty Images)

For those who need a refresher… you simply mark off the items when you see them on your screen. If you manage to mark off every box, yell out “Bingo!”. Many players like to offer prizes for one completed line, two completed lines, and the triumphant full house.

Some enjoy playing Bingo for money but there are a range of prizes that you can choose to use and for children getting involved you could reward them with sweets, snacks and other prizes. You may also need an adjudicator to make tough calls on the night. This role takes huge responsibility so it is best to pick someone who can stay concentrated on the show, who is also unlikely to cheat.

Eurovision sweepstake

Sweepstakes are hugely popular during a major international sporting event such as the World Cup and the European Championships - but they can also be incredibly fun for a live music event such as Eurovision.

The rules of a sweepstake are fairly simple and all you need to do is put all the countries into a hat on a piece of paper and fold them up so nobody can see them. Each of the guests and participants will then draw their nation out of a hat and your chosen country will then become the nation that you support during the live final.

Traditionally, players put a mutually agreed amount of money in the kitty before the countries are picked and the winner earns the cash prize. Likewise you can also do a sliding scale where 50% of the money is awarded to 1st place, 30% for 2nd place and 20% for 3rd.

If you don’t want to gamble you could always decide your own prize for the person who picks the winning country and you could even have a forfeit for the last place person who could do the washing up the next day, pay for a takeaway or participate in a dare.

Eurovision scorecards

The Eurovision winner is ultimately judged by a range of experts from around the world and the final rankings often divide opinion on social media and cause huge debate. With that in mind many people choose to do their own Eurovision rankings while the competition is taking place and many people judge the contestants on a range of different aspects including their dancing, singing, stage presence and all around performance. Mission Eurovision have their own scorecards which you can download to put yourself in the shoes of the judges. Likewise you can also make up your own criteria to add further entertainment. 

Who Am I?

Who Am I is a popular guessing game which tests a player's ability to guess the identity of a famous person or character which is usually stuck to their head so that they can’t see it. This popular game can also be applied to Eurovision and players can be assigned random countries which are participating in the competition. All players would need to do is ask questions and the other participants are only ever allowed to answer with yes or no. The person who guesses their country in the least amount of attempts would be deemed the winner.

Eurovision themed food and drinks

Families and friends from around the world often get together to celebrate Eurovision for a party and many like to get creative with special Eurovision themed food and drink choices. Whether you are drinking alcohol or mocktails there are a range of different options available which are inspired by familiar faces from past and present including Sam Ryder, Rylan Clark and Cilla Black. All recipes for the food and drinks are available on the Mission Eurovision website.

Create your own Eurovision playlist

Eurovision has been on our screens since 1956 and it has featured a range of spectacular acts including Abba, Katrina & The Waves, Celline Dion and Sam Ryder. Depending on your preferences one of the best ways to get into the mood for this year’s song contest could be to devise a playlist featuring you favourite acts from past and present.

Likewise it also offers you the opportunity to get familiar with some of the finalists from this year’s show if you haven’t had a chance to see them in the earlier stages. To give you inspiration, Mission Eurovision have devised their own playlist on Spotify of all the winners from years gone by.