5Action: why has Paramount Network TV channel changed, what programmes are on 5Action, and is it on Sky?

Jason Bourne spinoff Treadstone is one of the shows coming to Channel 5’s new TV channel, 5Action

Treadstone on 5Action (Treadstone image credit: USA Network)Treadstone on 5Action (Treadstone image credit: USA Network)
Treadstone on 5Action (Treadstone image credit: USA Network)

The Paramount Network channel has rebranded to 5 Action, a new offshoot of Channel 5.

From January, it’ll be broadcasting as 5 Action instead, with a number of new programmes as well.

Here is everything you need to know about 5 Action.

Why is the Paramount Network changing its name to 5Action?

It’s an aesthetic change first and foremost – the channel content and ownership is remaining the same, but it’s changing its name to differentiate more obviously from the Paramount+ streaming service ahead of its launch in the UK later this year.

What will be available to watch on 5Action?

Channel 5 has announced that “5ACTION will provide a seamless blend of old favourites and modern classics.”

Their key titles will include “WWE; Police Interceptors; Fights Camera Action, Trucking Hell, Traffic Cops; Caught on Camera and Sewermen.”

A big part of the launch of Paramount+ is the broadcast of Treadstone, an action-drama series that spins off from the Jason Bourne movies. It’s the terrestrial debut of Treadstone on a UK channel, and you can read more about it here.

What is Paramount+?

Paramount+ is a streaming service for film and television owned by the ViacomCBS company.

Paramount+ was previously called CBS All Access, and is currently the US home of dramas like The Good Fight, Evil, and Star Trek: Discovery.

When is Paramount+ coming to the UK?

A specific date hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s been said previously that the new streaming service will arrive in the UK in 2022.

With this rebranding, you can assume it’s not too far away.

Given also that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a key part of the international Paramount+ launch, is going to release in May 2022, it’s likely that Paramount+ will have arrived in the UK before then.

(You can similarly assume that Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 leaving Netflix is part of the same contractual wrangling.)

Where can I find 5Action?

5Action will still be in the same place as the Paramount Network was. You can find it at Freeview 32, Sky 150, Freesat 132, Virgin Media 150 (HD) & 187.

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