BIFA Awards 2022: nominations for British Independent Film Awards, categories explained, is it live on TV?

The Bifa will celebrate it’s 25th award ceremony

Ben Bailey-Smith will present the 2022 BIFA awards. (Getty Images)
Ben Bailey-Smith will present the 2022 BIFA awards. (Getty Images)
Ben Bailey-Smith will present the 2022 BIFA awards. (Getty Images)

The 2022 BIFA Awards are fast approaching and it will honour the best talent in the British film scene.

British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) is an internationally renowned organisation that celebrates, promotes and supports independent filmmaking and filmmakers across the UK.

The BIFA awards have taken place every year since 1998. The award ceremony honours a range of different categories such as: best British independent film, best director, best screenplay, best lead performance and many more.

Over the years some of the most iconic British films have performed well at the BIFA awards including: This is England, Billy Elliot, Slumdog Millionaire, King’s Speech and most recently After Love.

But when is the Bifa Awards 2022 and how can you watch the ceremony?

Here is everything you need to know.

When is the Bifa Awards 2022?

The British Independent Film Awards ceremony will be held on Sunday 4 December. It is the 25th BIFA awards ceremony to take place. Ben Bailey Smith will appear on stage to announce this year’s event and he will be joined by Julie Adenuga who will be reporting live from the red carpet.

Smith said: “Having this year starred in an indie short, funded another and written an indie feature, it’s great to be able to celebrate others who have taken independent work to the pinnacle. To be alongside them all as host for this year’s BIFA awards is a proud and exciting feeling.”

How to watch the BIFA Awards 2022

The British Independent Film Awards will be shown on BIFA’s social channels from 8pm with red carpet highlights and the all important. It will also be streamed live on BIFA’s official YouTube page.

Who has been nominated for the BIFA Awards 2022?

There are a series of distinguished prizes up for grabs at this year’s award ceremony which celebrates a range of categories. Here are the nominees for the BIFA Awards 2022.

Best Independent Film

  • Aftersun
  • Blue Jean
  • Good luck to you, Leo Grande
  • Living
  • The Wonder

Best Screenplay

  • Aftersun - Charlotte Wells
  • Blue Jean - Georgia Oakley
  • Living - Kazoo Ishiguro
  • The Wonder -Sebastian Leliou / Alice Birch / Emma Donoghue

Best Director

  • Aftersun - Charlotte Wells
  • Blue Jean - Georgia Oakley
  • Good luck to you, Leo Grande - Sophie Hyde
  • Living - Oliver Hermanus
  • The Wonder - Sebastian Lelio

Best Lead Performance

  • Blue Jean - Ross McEwan
  • Emily - Emma Mackey
  • God’s creatures - Emily Watson
  • It is in us all - Cosmo Jarvis
  • Living - Billy Nighy
  • The Lost King - Sally Hawkins
  • Nezhou - Hala Zein
  • The Wonder - Florence Pugh

Best Ensemble Performance

  • Blue Jean 
  • Flux Gourmet
  • Emily
  • Our Rivers…Our Sky
  • The Wonderer

Best Joint Lead Performance

  • Aftersun - Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio
  • Good luck to you, Leo Grande - Daryl McCormack and Emma Thompson
  • Men - Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear
  • The Silent Things - Lettia Wright and Tamara Lawrance

Best Supporting performance

  • Blue Jean - Kerrie Hayes and Lucy Halliday
  • Emily - Fionn Whithead
  • Flux Gourmet - Fatima Mohamed
  • God’s Creatures - Paul Mescal and Aisling Franciosi
  • Living - Aimee Lou Wood
  • Our River…Our Sky - Zainab Joda
  • The Outfit - Zoey Deutch

Best Effects

  • The Feast - Chris Marshall
  • Men - David Simpson
  • Nezouh - Ahmed Yousry

Best Sound

  • Aftersun 
  • The Feast
  • Flux Gourmet
  • Men
  • The Wonder

Best Production Design

  • Aftersun - Billur Turan
  • Flux Gourmet - Fletcher Jarvis
  • Living - Helen Scott
  • Medusa Deluxe - Gary Williamson
  • The Wonder - Grant Montgomery

Best Original Music

  • Aftersun - Oliver Coates
  • God’s Creatures - Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans
  • Men - Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow
  • The Origin - Adam Janota Bzowski

Best Music Supervision

  • Aftersun - Lucy Bright
  • Living - Rupert Hollier
  • The Phantom of the open - Phil Canning

Best Make Up and Hair Design

  • Aftersun
  • Flux Gourmet
  • Medusa Deluxe
  • The Origin
  • The Wonder

Best Editing

  • Aftersun - Blair McClendon
  • Blue Jean - Izabella Curry
  • Elizabeth: A portrait in parts - Joanna Crickman
  • Flux Gourmet - Mattyas Fekete
  • Nothing Compares - Mick Mahon

Best Costume Design

  • Aftersun - Frank Gallacher
  • Flux Gourmet - Saffron Cullane
  • Living - Sandy Powell
  • Mrs Harris goes to Paris - Jenny Beavan
  • The Wonder - Odile Dicks- Mireaux