I asked ChatGPT to write the opening scene for Aaron Taylor-Johnson's rumoured new James Bond film

Get your popcorn ready folks, this film is going to be a proper rollercoaster...
An AI-generated image of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Bond, with rumoured co-star Sydney Sweeney. (Picture: Perchance AI Photo Generator)An AI-generated image of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Bond, with rumoured co-star Sydney Sweeney. (Picture: Perchance AI Photo Generator)
An AI-generated image of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Bond, with rumoured co-star Sydney Sweeney. (Picture: Perchance AI Photo Generator)

Not much is known about the next James Bond film - although rumours are starting to circulate.

As previously reported by National World, British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been heavily linked with taking up the mantle of 007. According to some national news publications, a contract between the Kick-Ass star and producers may already have been put on the table.

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There are rumours about his potential co-stars as well, with Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney a popular choice among fans to play the next Bond girl. Off the back of his critically-acclaimed role in Saltburn, bookies are touting Irish actor Barry Keoghan as the 007's next villain.

As for the storyline, there are a few James Bond books that could be adapted for the big screen. While not written by Ian Fleming himself, the likes of Carte Blance by Jeffery Deaver or Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks could make for good inspiration for screenwriters.

But what if Hollywood tried to jump on the AI trend, and got ChatGPT to write a script for the new James Bond instead? I thought we'd give it a whirl - and here's what it came up with.

[The scene opens to a bustling evening in London. The camera pans across the cityscape, showcasing iconic landmarks as the sun sets. Cut to a lavish party at a penthouse suite. Glasses clink and laughter fills the air as elegantly dressed guests mingle. Suddenly, the tranquility is shattered by the sound of breaking glass as armed men storm into the room, causing panic and chaos.]

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[Aaron Taylor-Johnson enters the scene as James Bond, his demeanor calm and collected amidst the frenzy. He swiftly assesses the situation, his eyes scanning the room for any signs of danger. He spots Sydney Sweeney, portraying the Bond girl, trapped behind a bar, her eyes filled with fear.]

James Bond: (to Sydney) Stay low and follow my lead.

[James Bond leaps into action, dodging gunfire as he takes down the assailants with precision and finesse. Meanwhile, Barry Keoghan, playing the villain, watches from the shadows with a sinister grin, his eyes gleaming with malice.]

[Vases shatter, bullets ricochet, and the music crescendos as the battle intensifies. Sydney Sweeney joins the fray, showcasing her skills in hand-to-hand combat as she assists James Bond in neutralizing the threat.]

[Amidst the chaos, James Bond catches a glimpse of Barry Keoghan slipping away into the night. Determined to pursue the elusive villain, he grabs Sydney's hand, leading her through the maze of corridors and stairwells.]

James Bond: (to Sydney) We can't let him escape.

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[They burst onto the rooftop, where Barry Keoghan stands at the edge, a helicopter waiting to whisk him away. James Bond's eyes narrow as he squares off against his foe, the wind whipping through his hair.]

James Bond: It's over, (insert villain's name).

Barry Keoghan: (smirking) Is it, Agent Bond? You underestimate me.

[Barry Keoghan makes a desperate attempt to flee, but James Bond lunges forward, grappling with him on the precipice of the building. The helicopter's blades roar to life, drowning out the sounds of the city below.]

[In a heart-pounding climax, James Bond manages to disarm Barry Keoghan, sending him plummeting to the ground below. The helicopter veers away, disappearing into the night as James Bond and Sydney Sweeney watch from the rooftop.]

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[As the dust settles, James Bond turns to Sydney, a hint of a smile playing on his lips.]

James Bond: Looks like we make a good team.

[Sydney returns his smile, her eyes sparkling with admiration.]

Sydney Sweeney: Not bad for a rookie.

[They share a knowing glance before turning to face the city skyline, the first rays of dawn casting a golden hue over the horizon.]

[Cut to black.]

So there we have it - if AI gets a grip of the James Bond franchise, the villain will be killed off in about 10 minutes and the movie will then, presumably, roll credits. Nice to see it wants Sweeney playing a femme fatale rather than a damsel in distress, but that script is hardly worth the ticket cost, if you ask me.

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