Shrek 5: UK release date of DreamWorks sequel, is there a trailer - what Chris Meledandri said about cast

Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri gave fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the cast

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(Image: Paramount Pictures)

One of the most beloved and influential animated film series of all time, the Shrek franchise first premiered in 2001 with the release of the original DreamWorks Animation film.

The series has been a massive commercial success, with each of the four main films in the franchise grossing over $300 million worldwide, and has also spawned a number of spin-off films, television specials and other merchandise.

Following the recent success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish - which brought back Antonio Banderas’ scene-stealing cat for a sequel to his 2011 spin-off and was ranked among many critics’ top Shrek films - DreamWorks looks to be keeping the momentum going with a drip of information on the fifth film that could reboot the series.

Officials are reportedly working on plans for Shrek 5 - putting an end to a 13-year period without the beloved ogre - and the film is expected to feature the original cast, including Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz, who will reprise their iconic roles.

Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas may also make a return, as their voices have become a fan favourite since the franchise’s debut. Without these beloved voices, the Shrek franchise just wouldn’t be the same. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Will there be a Shrek 5?

The confirmation of a Shrek 5 came in April 2017, when screenwriter Michael McCullers announced the project. However, since then, there hasn’t been much information about the movie released to the public.

But Illumination Entertainment founder and CEO Chris Meledandri recently gave fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the cast of characters in Shrek 5.

Meledandri, who compared Shrek 5 to the much-anticipated release of the Super Mario film, said: “[If you look at] what the core elements are that audiences have loved [about a franchise], do your very best to honour those core elements.

“Then you’re hard at work to build story elements and new characters that take you to brand new places - the original cast is a huge part of that. We anticipate the cast coming back. Talks are starting now, and every indication that we’ve gotten is there’s tremendous enthusiasm on behalf of the actors to return.”

There have been several instances where the return of the original cast for Shrek 5 has been hinted at, as many of its stars have expressed their desire to return to the world of Far Far Away in public.

Mike Myers, the infamous voice behind Shrek, told Etalk and GQ: “I’d do another Shrek in two seconds. If I had to do one Shrek a year I would be thrilled.” And Antonio Banderas, who plays the cute but dangerous Puss In Boots, told Deadline that “Shrek is probably going to come back”.

What could happen in Shrek 5?

The recent success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish has seen renewed interest in the Shrek franchise (Image: Universal Pictures)The recent success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish has seen renewed interest in the Shrek franchise (Image: Universal Pictures)
The recent success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish has seen renewed interest in the Shrek franchise (Image: Universal Pictures)

Although the original stars of Shrek have expressed interest in returning, and it seems likely that they will, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the fifth instalment of the franchise won’t feature significant changes or deviations.

When confirming Shrek 5 was in the works in 2017, McCullers told The Hollywood Reporter: “Shrek 5 is being developed. I finished that script, which I really, really, really love. It’s really personal to me.”

He added: “It’s got a pretty big reinvention behind it that I guess I can’t reveal. Since DreamWorks was sold to Universal in that time for over $3 billion [£2.4bn], I imagine they’re particularly interested in it stepping up, and actually figuring out the future of the franchise in that way on the corporate level.

“Reinvention was sort of called for. There’s been four movies and a lot of material, so the characters are pretty beloved and they’re great characters, but you also have to think of a pretty new take at that point.”

As far back as 2004 - just after the release of Shrek 2 - it was announced that the story of Shrek had been planned out for five films from the very beginning, and that the eventual fifth film would reveal “how Shrek came to be in that swamp.”

When might it be out?

On average, each film in the Shrek franchise has taken about two to three years to develop and produce. For example, Shrek was released in 2001, Shrek 2 in 2004, Shrek the Third in 2007, and Shrek Forever After in 2010, each three years apart.

However, it’s worth noting that the development and production time for Shrek 5 may vary depending on various factors. As of now, there is no official release date or timeframe for the release of Shrek 5.

There is also no trailer of any kind for Shrek 5 at the time of writing. It’s likely the film is in the early stages of development, and so no finished footage from the film would be available as yet.

Is there any other Shrek to look forward to?

It has also been revealed that a potential spin-off film centred around Donkey is in the early stages of discussion.

After Eddie Murphy expressed his opinion last year that a Donkey movie should have been made, especially following the success of the Puss in Boots series, Chris Meledandri stated that he was delighted to hear the actor’s comments and affirmed that a standalone story for Donkey would be created “without question.”