50 Cent: ‘Vice City’ Twitter and Instagram posts explained, will he be in GTA 6 - new TV crime series details

The rapper - real name, Curtis Jackson - has since deleted Vice City posts from his social accounts

Rapper 50 Cent has stirred fans of the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto series of video games into a frenzy over the past few weeks.

It all began when the hip-hop star - real name, Curtis Jackson - made posts to both Twitter and Instagram that contained the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and claims that he was working on something “bigger than Power”, the award-winning crime drama series he helped to create.

Instantly, GTA fans went into meltdown. With Grand Theft Auto 6 confirmed to be in the works, it’s been rumoured that the new game will be set in Vice City, the fictionalised version of Miami that first appeared in the 2002 GTA game bearing its name.

Could Jackson be starring in the new game? Would he be working on an upcoming TV adaptation of the series, something the game’s producers have been reluctant to sign off on until now?

Well, now we have the answer, and it turns out the truth may disappoint GTA fans. Here is everything you need to know.

What is 50 Cent up to?

50 Cent in 2018 (Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images)
50 Cent in 2018 (Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images)
50 Cent in 2018 (Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images)

The rapper has since deleted those posts, having presumably been made aware of the hyperbole they were driving, hyperbole the truth of the matter is struggling to live up to.

It turns out that what is actually going on, is Jackson is working on a brand new TV series with the working title, ‘Vice City’. But, it’s completely unrelated to the Grand Theft Auto game of the same name, and has nothing to do with the video game franchise at all.

That being said, the show’s plot does sound like something ripped straight out of a GTA game, so if you are a fan of Rockstar’s crime simulators, chances are you’ll find something to enjoy in Fiddy’s new project.

The plot centres on three former soldiers who return to Miami in the middle of the 1980s after receiving dishonourable discharges as a result of the Iran Contra scandal.

"Disgraced, displaced, and forgotten by the country they served and with no good job prospects, the three friends partner with a mysterious Colombian immigrant, uniting their financial needs and criminal ambitions to form a heist crew," reads a line from the show’s description.

"Fueled by the need for American green, they traverse a violent and dangerous path in pursuit of the American Dream." According to Deadline, Jackson’s G-Unit Film & TV division is working on the original series for Paramount+ with the working title Vice City.

The writers and executive producers of the upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Beasts movie, Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters, also created Vice City. Chad Stahelski, a veteran of the John Wick film series, is the series’ executive producer and director.

The new project certainly has potential, and after the success of Power, crime drama fans especially will be following Jackson’s endeavour with great interest. But whether the announcement is generating the same buzz that a potential GTA spin-off may have? No, not quite.