Fortnite April Fools: Epic Games fish pictures explained, possible meaning behind them - what have fans said?

Theories vary from an April Fools prank to possible new game reveals

Fortnite fans have been left speculating after pictures of fish popped on the game’s social media accounts.

The images which started to be shared on Fortnite France on March 26 are in a thread, with a new post added every day. Fortnite’s creators Epic Games have been known to drop hints about upcoming game reveals through maps or cryptic trailers.

The mysterious images have got fans of the game wondering whether a big reveal will soon be on the way, with the fish images seemingly fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. However, could it just be some kind of April Fool’s Day joke?

So what is behind the Fortnite fish pictures, what have fans said and what do we know so far? Here’s everything you need to know.

When did the fish pictures first appear?

The pictures of Fortnite fish first started appearing on Fornite France’s social media accounts on March 26. The first image shows an orange fish in the top left corner swimming in water. There was no caption alongside the image, it was uploaded completely blank.

Every day since then a new fish picture has been added to the Twitter thread, with each post including similar fishy scenes. The latest image which was revealed on March 31 depicts a picture of a blue Fortnite fish swimming in water looking disinterested, complete with a rough drawing of the first fish sellotaped to its fin. This has led players of the game to speculate around what the mysterious clues could mean.

Fish are an important item for players in Fortnite, there are over 44 different types featured. They can be eaten by players and have healing properties, so can provide vital energy when in a tough position.

What have players said?

Players of the game have quickly worked out the images are one big jigsaw puzzle and that image fits together to form one big image. Whilst some have wondered if this could be a clue for an upcoming game reveal, others suspect it may be to do with April Fools Day, with the final two images due to be revealed on Saturday 1 April.

Another important clue is that in France April Fools Day is known as poisson d’avril, translating as April Fish. A popular custom in France is to hang a paper fish on people’s back as a prank, so it’s possible the images could be a social media recreation?

Whilst another theory is that the images are promoting the new fish spray that was added in the last Fortnite update.

What has Fortnite said?

Fortnite and Epic Games have remained tight-lipped about the fish images, fans are having to wait until the final two images are revealed on April 1 to determine what their meaning is.

The images of fish have appeared on Fortnite France’s social media accounts (Photo: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images)The images of fish have appeared on Fortnite France’s social media accounts (Photo: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images)
The images of fish have appeared on Fortnite France’s social media accounts (Photo: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images)

Has Fortnite done something like this in the past?

Epic Games is no stranger to sharing big teasers and hints before new game revelations. According to Twinfinite, in the past they have made players work out special coordinates to see new items or have released cryptic videos, leaving players to work out what the reveal is.

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