When is Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 coming out? Release date of new season - and will there be a live event?

Players that have repaired damaged telescopes or tuned the radio in the black helicopter will have already had a hint at the theme of the new season
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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is finally coming to an end, with a new theme, challenges and items up for grabs on the horizon.

This is everything you need to know about the new season of the battle royale game.

When does Chapter 2 Season 7 begin?

Are you excited for the new season to begin? (Photo: Epic Games)Are you excited for the new season to begin? (Photo: Epic Games)
Are you excited for the new season to begin? (Photo: Epic Games)

Epic Games has announced that Chapter 2 Season 6 will end on 8 June 2021, with Chapter 2 Season 7 starting immediately afterwards - that gives players just a few days to finish up with Chapter 2 Season 6.

In keeping with the previous start time for Season 6, it is guessed that the start time for Chapter 2 Season 7 will be at 9am in the UK.

This time is just an estimate, but regardless of what time the new season begins, there will be a period of downtime and a new patch that you’ll need to download.

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What tasks do I need to complete?

As Chapter 2 Season 6: Primal comes to an end, Epic Games says that these are the tasks that you should complete before the new season starts.

Make sure to complete any outstanding Anomaly Quests to unlock each of Agent Jones’ Jump Styles. Keep an eye out for a glowing rift fragment near the location mentioned in the Quest and follow its instructions to complete the challenge.

If you’re beyond level 100, you could be close to one of the exclusive Super Level Style for Tarana, Raz, or the Spire Assassin.

You can also unlock the sparkling Gold Anniversary Style by stealing Orelia’s Legendary Assault Rifle as Lara Croft.

Finally, complete The Spire quest line to face off against Glyph Master Raz and unlock the dark thief’s Style for your Locker. The Glyph Master Style will also be awarded to players who have progressed in a Spire Quest and unlocked the Raz Outfit at level 50 of the Battle Pass.

What will happen to my cache of bars?

The same as last season, your cache of bars will reset when Chapter 2 Season 7 Begins, so you should spend your supply while you’ve still got it.

The Bargain Bin Wild Week, which started on 3 June, is all about big discounts, so make sure and spend those bars.

Epic Games says you can look forward to all Exotics and many services being 50 per cent off through to the end of the season.

This includes the Exotic Marksman Six Shooter, the Exotic Grappler Bow and Bushranger’s prop disguise service all at 50 per cent off.

What’s the theme of Chapter 2 Season 7?

The theme of Season 7 will be aliens - the official Fortnite Twitter account posted a rather ominous Tweet stating: “They’re coming. 08.06.2021.”

Eagle eyed players will have noticed some in-game foreshadowing hinting at the new theme - a crop circle appeared in Colossal Crops and players have been abducted by mysterious beams of light, most likely UFOs.

Players that have been abducted won’t get a glimpse of any aliens though - instead, they are randomly transported to another location in the map.

Details about the new season are still under wraps though, with more information likely to be released as we draw closer to its beginning.

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What was the announcement about visuals?

Epic Games announced that “when Chapter 2 Season 7 (v17.00) arrives, Fortnite on PC will receive upgraded visuals!”

It’s explained that while running “Epic” graphics settings on a machine that meet system requirements, players will be able to enjoy new and enhanced effects, as well as improved post processing features and shadow quality.

If you play with your “Quality Presets” option set to Epic, you’ll notice that both Battle Royale and Creative modes benefit from improved Storm and cloud effects, as well as enhanced simulations for smoke and liquid.

Because of these upgrades, Epic settings will require higher device specifications to run with optimal performance - high settings will become the equivalent of the pre-v17.00 Epic settings, so your experience with High settings may change.

Low and Medium settings, as well as the Performance rendering mode alpha, will remain the same with the release of v17.00.

Will there be a live event?

According to Fortnite Insider, if there was going to be a live event to mark the new season, it would have been announced already by parent company Epic Games.

Prior to the launch of Chapter 2 Season 6, Epic Games released an announcement all about the zero crisis solo event that would be taking place.

However, a live event, even in a new season of Fortnite, would have been announced by Epic Games by now if there was to be a Fortnite season 7 live event. Before the launch of season 6, Epic Games release a blog post announcing the zero crisis solo event.

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