Grace TV show cast: who stars with John Simm as Roy Grace in detective drama series, and how to watch season 2

The final episode of Grace season 2 has aired on ITV

Richie Campbell as DS Roy Grace and John Simm as DS BransonRichie Campbell as DS Roy Grace and John Simm as DS Branson
Richie Campbell as DS Roy Grace and John Simm as DS Branson

Season 2 of ITV’s detective drama, Grace, has finished.

Roy Grace, played by John Simm, tackled four new cases in this ITV detective drama.

The series, which is based on Peter James’ award-winning Roy Grace novels, has been adapted into four feature-length films.

The Brighton-based series will see the team of detectives solve a different crime in each episode.

Here’s who is in the cast of Grace and how to watch the latest season.

When is season 2 of Grace on TV?

Unlike season 1, which had two-part series, Grace season 2 was expanded into four feature-length films.

The four episodes continued weekly on a Sunday.

In the US, the detective drama will be available to watch on BritBox.

Who is in the cast of ITV’S Grace?

John Simm

Simm plays the protagonist, Roy Grace - a troubled detective who is haunted by the disappearance of his wife.

Simm is best known for playing Sam Tyler in Life on Mars and The Master in Doctor Who.

His other television credits include BBC State of Play, The Lakes, Crime and Punishment, Exile, and ITV’s Prey.

Richie Campbell

Campbell returns as Grace’s partner, DS Glenn Branson.

Campbell is best known for his roles as Tyrone in Anuvahood, as Liam Sutcliffe in ITV’s Liar, and as Ndale Kayuni in BBC’s Waterloo Road.

He also won a Screen Nation Award for his portrayal of Dominic Hardy in ITV’S The Bill.

More recently he has had a recurring role in Channel 4’s Toy Boy.

His film credits include The Silence (2019), Wilderness (2006), The Plague (2006), The Firm (2009), Fast Girls (2012) and Get Lucky (2013).

Rakie Ayola

Ayola plays Grace’s boss, Assistant Chief Constable Alison Vosper (ACC Vosper).

Ayola has appeared in The Pact, Holby City, Black Mirror, Noughts + Crosses, Doctor Who, Silent Witness and EastEnders.

She also appeared as Kyla Tyson in BBC’s medical drama Holby City for four seasons.

Laura Elphinstone

Elphinstone is back as Detective Sergeant Bella Moy.

Elphinstone is known for roles such as Carolyn in ITV’s Vera, Detective Inspector Michelle Brandyce in BBC’s Line of Duty, and Nora in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Craig Parkinson

Parkinson is new to season two as he joins the show as the outspoken DS Norman Potting.

Another Line of Duty cast member, Parkinson played DI Matthew "Dot" Cottan in the BBC police series.

He is also well known for his role as Shaun in E4’s Misfit - and for playing both twins, Jimmy and Johnny Kray, in ITV’s Whitechapel.

Zoe Tapper

Also new to the cast is Tapper as Cleo Morey - a mortuary technician who takes a shine to Grace.

Tapper rose to fame in 2004 for her role as Nell Gwynne in Richard Eyre’s Stage Beauty - an award-winning film.

She has also portrayed Anya Raczynski in Survivors and Mina Harker in Demons.

More recently, Tapper has played Katy Sutcliffe in ITV’s Liar and Joy D’Branin in Syfy’s Nightflyers.

Arthur Darvill

Darvill plays Katya Bishop - a successful Brighton-based entrepreneur who features in the second episode of the series.

Darvill played Rory Williams, a companion of the Eleventh Doctor, in Doctor Who.

He also starred as Reverend Paul Coates in ITV’s Broadchurch.

Darvil was also the protagonist Rip Hunter in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

What is ITV’s Grace about?

Troubled detective, Roy Grace (John Simm), is haunted by the disappearance of his wife and now tries to give his life to his police career.

However, clashes with his boss, ACC Vosper (Rakie Ayola), have held back his career over the years.

Episode one, Look Good Dead, is about a young woman whose body was found butchered in Brighton.

This story reminds Grace of the unsolved fate of his wife.

Bryce is a witness to the murder after innocently going to hand back a USB stick he finds on the train - this leads to the kills planning to murder the Bryce family.

Episode two, Not Dead Enough, sees Grace and his partner Branson investigating the murder of wealthy socialite who’s husband, Katya Bishop (Arthur Darvill), is a prominent Brighton entrepreneur.

As Grace digs dangerously deeper into the life of Bishop, all is not what it seems.

Episode three, In Dead Man’s Footsteps, is about the discovery of a woman’s skeletal remains in an old storm drain.

The body is believed to be the wife of a failed Brighton conman - which leads Grace on a murky trail through the world of Brighton’s oldest crime families.

In the fourth and final episode, When in Dead Tomorrow, a body is dredged up from the seabed of the English Channel.

What appears to be a burial at sea gone wrong, soon points to something sinister after noticing a strange incision on the victim’s body.

Two more bodies are also found, which forces Grace to confront the question of just how far anyone would go to save the ones they love.

How to watch Grace season 2?