Journeys to Impossible Places review: Simon Reeve’s new book looks at his epic travels and personal struggles

Travel TV presenter Simon Reeve has written a book on life’s struggles and adventures - which encourages us all to take risks and embrace all life has to offer

Journeys to Impossible Places is Simon Reeve’s latest book on his thrilling adventures, experiences and personal struggles from 2006 up until now.

The book follows on from his first bestseller Step by Step which delved into his background and troubled teenage years.

Reeve takes you on the inside journey of his adventures to far-flung corners of the world and his experiences of different cultures, encounters with people and environmental disasters.

His openness, not only on his travels but his own fertility and mental health struggles, makes this book jam packed with lessons, inspiration and motivation.

What is the book about?

Reeve delves into his travels across the globe from the Sahara Desert to the Galapagos Islands and more.

His intricate descriptions of his journeys makes you feel like you are there living the moment and inspires you to get out and see the world.

Reeve shares his most dangerous moments and the guides who have helped him through his many journeys. He tells one story of his guide Cheery in Burma who risked her life to keep him and his team safe.

He shares the behind-the-scenes details of his travels and highlights the important realities of climate change.

“We don’t shy away from problems. I’m not travelling to film a holiday brochure,” he writes.

Reeve’s facts, shocking figures and stark reality of the effects of climate change leave you learning more about how we have damaged our planet.

From the awful plastic pollution on tropical beaches to coral bleaching, Reeve explains the importance of showing what is truly happening in order to enact change.

Not only does the book take you through his epic travels but Reeve also shares his personal struggles with mental health and male infertility.

He also shares life lessons he has learnt and mantras which have stuck with him over the years.

A line in the book says: “Always say yes. Always go to have a look. Never waste a moment.”

This openness, vulnerability and down-to-earth nature makes this book full of advice that anyone going through similar struggles will relate to.

Why is it worth the read?

You learn more about the man you see presenting on TV: his background and real-life issues.

Reeve talks about struggles that many of us have faced during lockdown and the importance of enjoying nature around you, exploring locally and learning to savour the present moment.

His emphasis in the book that an impossible place doesn’t have to be in far flung or exotic corners of the world, demonstrates Reeve’s appreciation for all types of adventure and travel - both at home and abroad.

His TV programmes have never shied away from showing the true realities, the dark and light of countries across the world and the important issues; his new book is no different.

Reeve also highlights the importance of protecting the world around us and how communities across the globe are dealing with the disastrous effects of climate change.

He recounts conversations with indigenous people, what he learned about conservationists’ actions across the world and why we desperately need change to happen.

“We must make the most out of this life, the precious existence we have been given,” he writes.

Journeys to Impossible Places is full of Reeve’s adventures, thrilling experiences and wild encounters across the globe.

But his openness of his personal and intimate struggles, and his sharing of the lessons he has learnt, makes the read deeply moving and one which reminds you to truly enjoy all the ups and downs, weird and wonderful moments of life.

Journeys to Impossible Places will be published in the UK this Thursday 14th October.

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