Standon Calling 2022: line-up, location, tickets, alcohol rules, banned items

Standon Calling is back for another packed jam-packed year of music

Anne-Marie will keep the party going at Standon Calling today.

It is the second day of the festival and it will run until Sunday (24 July).

The pop star will be joined by Eurovision runner-up Sam Ryder, Example and Sugababes.

Festivalgoers will be arriving ahead of a weekend packed full of huge acts.

Here is all you need to know:

Who is headlining Standon Calling?


Madness was be the headline act on Thursday.

Friday’s headliner is Anne-Marie

Loyle Carner is the headline act on Saturday.

The final headliner of the weekend is Primal Scream.

Where is Standon Calling?

The festival takes place in the grounds of Standon Lordship, near Standon in Hertfordshire.


It is around 30 miles north of London.

The Isle Of Wight Festival in Seaclose Park 2022. Pictured is: Madness. Picture: Emma Terracciano

What are the set times and line-up for Friday?

Main Stage

  • 2.30pm - Azure Ryder
  • 3.30pm - Sam Tompkins
  • 4.50pm - Sam Ryder
  • 6.15pm - Example
  • 7.45pm - Sugababes
  • 9.30pm - Anne-Marie

Laundry Meadows


  • 12pm - Bored at My Grandmas House
  • 1pm - HighSchool
  • 2pm - English Teacher
  • 3pm - Lynks
  • 4pm - CRAWLERS
  • 5.15pm - Billy Nomates
  • 6.45pm - Yard Act
  • 8.30pm - The Cribs
  • 10.15pm - Sleaford Mods

The Dive Bar

  • 12pm - Rockaoke
  • 1.30pm - Nukuluk
  • 2.30pm - swim school
  • 3.30pm - Mimi Barks
  • 4.30pm - Ithaca
  • 6pm - Porji
  • 7.45pm - SCALPING
  • 9.30pm - Bob Vylan
  • 11pm - Snapped Ankles
  • 12.30am - PVA
  • 1.30am - Acid Klaus
  • 2.15am - The Anti-Showgirl

Electric Willows

  • 2pm - Feeling Gloomy
  • 3.30pm - Tailor Jae
  • 4.30pm - Tash LC
  • 5.30pm - Elkka
  • 7pm - Jamz Supernova
  • 9pm - Annie Mac
  • 11pm - Grove
  • 12am - I, JORDAN

The Lawn


  • 12pm - Do Dinosaur Fossils Lie?
  • 12.40pm - Saving the Bees
  • 1.20pm - The Man who Tasted Words
  • 2pm - The Supermasssive Podcast - Live
  • 2.40pm - The Science of Diet with Giles Yeo
  • 3.20pm - Dr. Mya-Rose Craig: Birdgirl
  • 5pm - Josh Howie
  • 5.15pm - Finlay Christie
  • 5.45pm - Jessica Fostekew
  • 6.30pm - Phil Wang
  • 7.35pm - Sounds Familiar Music Quiz

The Cowshed

  • 8pm - Stay-C
  • 9.30pm - Urbandawn
  • 11pm - Dynamite
  • 11pm - Grafix
  • 12.30am - LowQui
  • 12.30am - S.P.Y
  • 1.30am - Lens
  • 1.30am - LowQui

Groove Garden

  • 11am - Breakers
  • 11am - Dan the Drum
  • 3pm - I Am Swifty
  • 3.20pm - Lady Strakes
  • 4pm - Magic Andy
  • 4.40pm - JB Disco Machine
  • 5.20pm - Bricktop
  • 6pm - The Blurry Mondays
  • 6.40pm - Kev Wild
  • 7.20pm - DJ Cous Cous
  • 8pm - Rick Tozer
  • 8.45pm - Donna Dallas
  • 9.30pm - DJ Lefty
  • 9.30pm - KB
  • 11.30pm - Gin Lizzie
  • 12.30am - Alex P

Beefy Melons


  • 12pm - Greg Phizacklea
  • 2pm - Disco Dave
  • 3pm - Jazzy
  • 5pm - Matt Le Moo
  • 5pm - Songs of Praise
  • 7pm - DJ Danny Oliver
  • 8pm - Digital Pochahontas
  • 11pm - Daffadam
  • 12am - Dig It Sound System
  • 1am - Doktored
  • 2am - DJ Danny Oliver
  • 3am - Beefy Djs

The Playing Fields

  • 11.45am - Hobby Horse Heptathlon
  • 12.30pm - Stacky Races
  • 4.15pm - Not So Virtual Reality
  • 5.40pm - Bucka-Moo

The Village Hall

  • 8.30am - Rhubarb Theatre: Morning Storytelling
  • 9am - Rhubarb Theatre: Family Games & Challenges
  • 9.30am - How To Train Your Dinosaur
  • 10am - Bernlack’s Breakfast Bingo
  • 2pm - Toy Town Aerobics
  • 2.30pm - Forgotten Toy Tournament
  • 4.30pm - Fun-O-Meter Fandango

Kids Area


  • 10am - The Lost Toys Headwear Workshop
  • 2pm - Bangra - Sohan
  • 2pm - Fairies and Flags
  • 4pm - Rhubarb Theatre - The Bombardiers
  • 7pm - Kids Disco

Main Gate and Box Office Times

Thursday: 11am to 10pm

Friday: 9am to 10pm

Saturday: 9am to 10pm

Sunday: 9am to 10pm


Please note you may not be able to gain access if you arrive outside of these times.

All campsites and car parks must be clear by 12pm on Monday 25 July.

Car Park Times

Thursday: 10am to 10pm

Friday: 8am to 10pm


Saturday: 8am to 10pm

Sunday: 8am to 10pm

Monday: 8am to 12pm

Prohibited items

  • Glass bottles
  • Items with naked flames, such as floating lanterns and candles
  • Fireworks or pyrotechnics of any kind, including flares
  • Disruptive items such as air horns
  • Any camping stoves, briefcase camping stoves as well as BBQs with gas canisters above 3.9kg are not allowed. Unfortunately due to the prolonged heat and lack of rain, the ground is extremely dry so in the interests of safety, we can’t allow disposable BBQs this year.
  • Sound systems, unless small portable speakers for use in the campsites only
  • Generators
  • Drones, professional-level video camera equipment
  • Laser pens
  • High vis jackets
  • Weapons, or anything that could be used as a weapon
  • Illegal drugs of any kind, including ‘legal highs’ and nitrous oxide
  • Prescription drugs beyond personal use
  • Signs or materials displaying unauthorised political, religious offensive, race-related messages, slogans or images, as well as any unauthorised promotional materials

Can you bring your own alcohol?


Weekend Ticket holders are permitted to bring alcohol for personal consumption into the campsites, up to the per person allowance.

This is: 12 cans of beer / lager / cider OR 75cl of spirits (in a plastic container) OR a 2.25 litre box of unopened wine.

Standon Calling says: “You are only permitted to bring alcohol into the festival on your first entry, when you exchange your ticket for your wristband.

“If you need to bring alcohol into the festival on a subsequent entry, please speak to a member of staff on the gate when you first arrive and ask for an alcohol pass.

“The confirms you have not yet brought in your alcohol allowance.

“You will not be allowed to bring alcohol into the festival if you do not have an alcohol pass and you have already exchanged your ticket for a wristband.”


Day Ticket holders are not permitted to being alcohol on site.

Can you still get tickets?

Tier 6 tickets are still available to purchase via Standon Calling’s website.