Home season 2: Apple TV+ documentary series release date, and what properties are featured in new season?

Apple TV+ docuseries Home returns for a second season which will feature more astounding architectural designs from around the world

Home, an Apple TV+ design show features remarkable properties that defy belief, built by owners who think outside the box.

The series features interviews with people who have designed their own properties, as well their friends and family, as they discuss how their dream homes came to fruition.

Each home featured in the series is totally unique in the world and many of the properties took years to build.

A  bioclimatic house in IndonesiaA  bioclimatic house in Indonesia
A bioclimatic house in Indonesia

What is Home about?

Home offers a look inside some of the most unusual and innovative homes around that world that push the boundaries of what is possible architecturally.

The first season found homes across Europe, North America and Asia - exploring everything from a sustainable electric home in Malibu, to a bamboo property in the forests of Bali.

Season two will be made up of ten episodes, each featuring an entirely different property from another part of the world.

The destinations that will be visited in Home season two include Netherlands, South Africa, Fance, New York, Indonesia, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Ghana and Iceland.

The people who constructed these impressive properties will discuss the process behind it and why they chose to design their homes in such a way.

In the trailer for season two, one of the people who built her home, the House of the Big Arch, in South Africa to her own design said: “We endeavoured to interfere as little as possible with nature building this place.

“It gave us a sense of peace that saved us in a big way.”

The House of the Big Arch in South AfricaThe House of the Big Arch in South Africa
The House of the Big Arch in South Africa

Which properties feature in Home season 2?

As previously mentioned, the House of the Big Arch is one home that is covered in the series - at this property the boundaries between the house and nature are blurred, and the homeowners share their space with the natural world.

The elderly couple who live at the property wanted their home to blend into the landscape and offer sheltered for plants and animals as well as for themselves.

The Longhouse in AustraliaThe Longhouse in Australia
The Longhouse in Australia

The Longhouse in Australia, a 360 foot long purpose built property with a farm, restaurant, guest rooms and living space for the owners is also explored in the new season.

The Longhouse, found on a 20 acre plot outside the town of Daylesford, Victoria, was designed over a period of ten years.

The property had to be constructed in such a way that it could survive the hostile environment, which included sudden downpours of rain and snow, and strong winds during the winter months.

Another home featured in the series is the Three Generation House in Amsterdam - a coliving project where three generations of the same family live together.

This home was built by a family of two households who wanted to live together in a larger space.

A young couple with children occupy the bottom half of the house, while the grandparents have moved into the top of the property.

The grandfather said: “We’re a different kind of grandparent to our grandchildren than my parents were to my children. Every day is like a little celebration.”

When is the Home season 2 release date?

All ten episodes of season two will be released on Apple TV+ on 17 June.