Indian Matchmaking season 2: cast with Nadia and Aparna, Netflix release date, trailer - and who is the host?

Netflix dating show Indian Matchmaking returns for a second season as Sima Taparia sets up new couples who she hopes will hit it off

Indian Matchmaking is a Netflix show about a woman who pairs up Indian singletons who have employed her services to find them true love.

The first season of the show landed on Netflix in 2020, and saw love blossom between several couples.

Some of those who were set up in the first season will return in season two to reflect on their love life.

Indian Matchmaking season 2Indian Matchmaking season 2
Indian Matchmaking season 2

What is Indian Matchmaking about?

Season two of Indian Matchmaking will see Sima reunite with her previous clients to see if she has been successful in her pairings.

She will also travel far and wide to find suitable partners for a string of new clients.

As with any dating show, the series will feature plenty of awkward first encounters, run-ins with potential future in-laws, and hyper-specific wish lists for dream partners.

Sima will work her magic to find the perfect pairings for as many couples as she can, although others will discover theirs is not a match made in Heaven.

Who is Sima Taparia?

Sima Taparia has worked as a matchmaker for years, and in 2017 featured in the documentary A Suitable Girl.

The documentary followed three Indian women who spent four years exploring India’s matchmaking system to find their perfect partner.

Sima told Metro: “Since childhood God has given me a unique ability to talk to people, to understand them, to socialise with them and connect to people.

“I like talking to people. I like socialising, understanding their personalities. When I knew I had this knack and this hobby and quality in me, I thought why not help our community in India because this is a very important subject.”

Who is in the cast of Indian Matchmaking season 2?

Sima Taparia leads the cast as the matchmaker, fixing up couples across the world, and checking up on her previous matches to see if her work has stuck.

Nadia Jagessar will also return for season two. Nadia is a New-Jersey-based event planner and had been unlucky in love but by the end of season two it seemed she may have finally found the one.

Sima Taparia in  Indian MatchmakingSima Taparia in  Indian Matchmaking
Sima Taparia in Indian Matchmaking

Sima will catch up with Nadia in season two to see if the initial spark between Nadia and her partner Shekar is still there.

Aparna is another of Sima’s clients who is returning for season two. In the first season her wish list was almost endless, but she ended the season still single.

This time around she’s planning to be more open-minded in her quest for love - season two also sees Aparna undertake a big move from Houston to New York.

Other season two cast members include

  • Pradhyuman Maloo
  • Akshay
  • Viral
  • Arshneel
  • Shital
  • Vinesh

When is the release date of Indian Matchmaking season 2?

Season two of Indian Matchmaking landed on Netflix on 10 August. There are ten episodes in the second season, all between 30-40 minutes long.

All of season one and two are available to watch on Netflix now.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, and you can watch it right here:

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