Jeremy Kyle Live: start date, channel, time, is it on TalkTV, why was the Jeremy Kyle Show axed by ITV?

The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed by ITV in 2019

Jeremy Kyle is set to make his return to TV next week.

The programme will air on TalkTV, where the former ITV host has been hosting a weekday radio show. It is set to launch tomorrow (10 October), OK Magazine reports.

The Jeremy Kyle Show was a fixture of daytime TV for 14 years, but it was axed in 2019. The cancellation of the programme came following the death of guest Steve Dymond. He has been absent from TV for three years.

Here is all you need to know about Kyle’s return to TV.

What has Jeremy Kyle said about the show?

OK reports that in a statement the 63-year-old said in a statement: “’I’m so excited to be going back to live television from October 10th. Sitting in for Piers over the summer has given me a taste for what the new show will be.

“Jeremy Kyle Live will be making sense of the stories that matter; speaking the language of the British people and providing practical help as we all try and navigate our way through current times. I can’t wait to be a part of TalkTV’s amazing new primetime lineup.”

When does it start?

Jeremy Kyle Live will begin on TalkTV on Monday (10 October) and will air throughout the week.

What channel is Jeremy Kyle Live on?

It will air on TalkTV ahead of Piers Morgan Uncensored on week days. On Sky it is channel 526, for Virgin customers it is channel 606 and Freeview channel 237.

TalkTV can also be found on Smart TVs, mobile and tablet app and online view TalkTV’s website. It is also available on YouTube, Freesat, Fire TV and AppleTV.

What time is the show on?

Jeremy Kyle Live will air from 7pm to 8pm on weekdays on TalkTV, Monday through Thursday. The programme is not on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

What to expect from Jeremy Kyle Live?

The tagline for the show reveals that the series will “see the straight-talking voice of the people take on the issues that really matter.”

Previously speaking about the show, Kyle said: “I’m really excited and delighted to announce I’m going to be hosting a brand new primetime show right here on TalkTV.

“TalkTV is about common sense and it’s about how that news is given to people. This show, with a People’s Panel is going to be about news but about how the people the length and breadth of this country respond to that news.

“I want them involved in the programme, I want them to understand that we understand what they think about the news stories of the day.”

The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed in 2019The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed in 2019
The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed in 2019

Why was the Jeremy Kyle Show cancelled?

The confrontational talk show was suspended indefinitely by ITV in May 2019 following the death of a participant, 63-year-old Steve Dymond, a week after a programme featuring him was filmed.

The programme, which had been a regular fixture in the TV schedule since 2005, has now ended for good following calls for it to be cancelled from MPs and members of the public. Kyle said in a statement at the time: “Myself and the production team I worked with for the last 14 years are all utterly devastated by the recent events. Our thoughts and sympathies are with Steve’s family at this incredibly sad time.”

ITV chief executive Dame Carolyn McCall announced that the show had been officially cancelled “given the gravity of recent events” in May 2019.

She said in a statement: “The Jeremy Kyle Show has had a loyal audience and has been made by a dedicated production team for 14 years, but now is the right time for the show to end. Everyone at ITV’s thoughts and sympathies are with the family and friends of Steve Dymond.”

When did Jeremy Kyle make his return to broadcasting?

Kyle began hosting a daytime radio show on TalkRadio in September 2021. He began his new drivetime show by addressing his departure directly, but told listeners he could not go into detail due to “legal reasons”.

Launching his three-hour programme, he said: “It is really weird. I have worked on television for 15 years, before that I had done a lot of radio, and I find myself today quite nervous. It has been a while. I was walking around this morning and I thinking, ‘How do I start something like this? What do you say?’

“Let’s start by talking about the one thing people would expect me to talk about, which is what I did on television for 14-and-a-half years, that I am very proud of. But we will know that there has been a situation, a tragic situation, and much has been written and much has been said.

“For legal reasons – this is a fact – I can’t talk about that. But let me tell you this. When I can I will and it will be on this radio station. But for now that is a closed chapter. What is important is this radio station.”

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