Limitless Win: what is Ant and Dec’s new ITV game show about, how much can you win and when does it start?

The show is the world’s first limitless cash prize show, where contestants have the opportunity to accumulate infinitive prize money

Ant and Dec are arguably the most popular TV duo in the UK, and fans of the pair are about to get another helping, as they debut a new show in the New Year.

Limitless Win is ITV’s latest competition show, which Declan Donnelly has described as “groundbreaking and innovative”, ahead of its release next year.

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While Ant and Dec have been a constant on our TV screens since their SMTV debut in 1998, they haven’t launched an original show format since 2002’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

So, what is the show about and when does it start? This is what you need to know.

What is ‘Limitless Win’ about?

Limitless Win is a cash accumulator show in which contestants answer questions to build up their prize pot.

Sounds pretty typical, right? Well, the twist is that the cash pot is infinite, meaning participants can win unlimited amounts of money.

Each question could land more money in the hopeful’s accumulator. But, push their luck too far and they’ll crash out of the game and lose it all.

Speaking of the show, Ant said: “We’re genuinely so excited to launch this new series. It’s something we’ve been developing with Hello Dolly and ITV for a while now and we can’t wait for you all to experience it. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

Dec added: “It’s been a number of years since we launched a brand new TV format, it’s not something we do very often. But we’ve hit on something that is ground breaking and innovative, and that’s why we are so excited to host this series and bring it to the nation.”

When does Limitless Win start on ITV?

Limitless Win airs on Saturdays at 8.30pm on ITV, from 8 January 2022.

All episodes are available on ITV Hub shortly after broadcast.