Love Island reunion 2021: how to watch on ITV Hub, Jack Grealish question explained - where was Jake Cornish?

The reunion saw Millie and Liam face Casa Amor bombshell Lillie once again, Kaz and Tyler making it official and Hugo chatting about his ‘tragic’ journey on Love Island

With Love Island having ended just under two weeks ago, fans of the reality dating competition were able to catch a glimpse of what the islanders are up to after leaving the villa, as the crew got together once again to reunite on Love Island: Aftersun, hosted by Laura Whitmore.

This is what you need to know about what went down during the reunion episode - and where you can watch it if you missed out.

What happened during the reunion?

The reunion saw the islanders, Whitmore and series narrator Iain Stirling revisit the biggest moments from the show, and what they’re up to now that they’re out of the villa.

Viewers saw Love Island winners Millie and Liam reunite in East London after quarantining separately, and meeting their respective families as well. Liam revealed that he is moving from his Welsh hometown to Essex, but he isn’t moving in with Millie quite yet.

He said: “I love where I’m from but I would like to venture off and move to somewhere new and Essex seems like the perfect place really.

“I know some of the boys who were in the villa, we got on so well and they mentioned moving in together and they’d like to move to Essex so that’s something I would definitely be considering and that’s my plan really, moving to Essex.”

Fans were also treated to a somewhat excruciating reunion between Casa Amor bombshell Lillie and Liam, who kissed her multiple times during his stay at the second villa.

In front of Millie, Whitmore asked the two a variety of questions, and scenes of them in Casa Amor were also played.

After watching the scenes, Millie said: “It does feel like a really long time ago. It’s not nice to watch. I’ve already lived it once. I don’t want to live it again.”

Is Lillie dating Jack Grealish?

While talking to Lillie, Whitmore asked about Manchester City footballer Jack Grealish allegedly liking a photo of hers on Instagram, but Lillie refused to comment on the topic.

According to Mail Online, the footballer had liked a number of bikini pictures before undoing the likes a few days later.

Grealish is currently in a relationship with model Sasha Attwood.

A number of viewers branded the comment from Whitmore as disrespectful and inappropriate.

One person wrote: “Was defo inappropriate for Laura to ask Lillie about Jack Grealish on live TV, he has a girlfriend…”

Another tweeted: “How disrespectful. Jack Grealish has a girlfriend. These rumours must cause so much mental stress and heartache.. how can you add fuel to the fire when it’s someone’s personal life. What happened to be kind?"

What did the girls say about Hugo?

Hugo, who somewhat famously didn’t find love in the villa, was joined by Amy, Sharon, AJ and Georgia to discuss what went down between them all on the show.

The former teacher failed to find any real connection on the show, despite a number of girls expressing their interest in him.

It seemed he might have maybe found something with Casa Amor beauty Amy after the two shared a few kissed together, but when they were dumped from the villa, he described his journey on Love Island as “tragic”, despite Amy standing right next to him.

When asked if Hugo should have given the girls more of a chance, the audience responded with a sea of green, which meant a resounding yes.

Sharon said to Hugo: “I’m just wondering if your dream girl even exists.”

What’s the latest with Kaz and Tyler?

While Kaz and Tyler didn’t join the gang in the studio, we did get to see them on their first date together post-quarantine.

It was during this date that Tyler finally asked Kaz to be his girlfriend, after the two became exclusive in the villa but not officially labelling their relationship.

Kaz said that she didn’t “expect it to happen then, it was the perfect time”.

What happened with Faye and Teddy?

One of the biggest moments from this season of Love Island was when Faye blew up at Teddy after a clip from him at Casa Amor appeared to show him cracking on with another girl.

While Teddy had remained completely faithful to Faye, the clip sent her into a meltdown.

She admitted on the reunion that she hasn’t watched the argument since getting out of the villa, and that she probably would have complained to OFCOM herself if she was watching. Her behaviour garnered 20,000 OFCOM complaints.

Teddy said that they have moved on since then.

Chloe said that she was “terrified” about getting involved in the argument at the time, which is why no-one appeared to step in.

Why wasn’t Jake there?

Jake, who had been coupled up with Liberty up until the final week of the show, was absent from the reunion special.

Throughout the season, Jake faced criticism from fans, with viewers accusing him of being fake and playing a game in a bid to win the £50k prize money.

He reportedly had to sit out of the reunion because he wasn’t feeling well, with Whitmore saying: “So, sadly Jake can’t be with us this evening as he isn’t feeling very well.

“But get well soon and sending you lots of love.”

However, fans on Twitter were not buying the excuse.

One person wrote: “Jake is not sick, he just didn’t wanna get jumped on live TV #LoveIsland.”

Another tweeted: “Jake isn’t feeling well…. Isn’t that convenient #LoveIsland.”

“LMAO Jake is “sick” AHAHAHAHAH definitely #LoveIsland,” wrote another.

What was the online reaction like to the reunion?

The reaction from fans online to the episode was less than positive, with many branding the reunion as boring.

One person wrote: “Getting the ick from this reunion #LoveIsland.”

Another tweeted: “I’m sorry but Laura is struggling to host this reunion tonight. Struggling. #LoveIsland.”

“This reunion had the potential to be one of the greatest. But nah, it’s some dry s**t with no drama. #LoveIsland,” wrote another.

Many were also frustrated that Kaz and Tyler, a couple that made it to the final of the series, were not invited onto the couch for a chat.

One user tweeted: “On a serious note, I hope Kaz and Tyler never acknowledge this show again. Their treatment from the producers and the VERY biased host has been nothing less than disgusting and they deserve better. #LoveIsland #LoveIslandReunion.”

“Kaz and Tyler deserved to be on that sofa yet we had Hugo VIII and his surviving wives. Like excuse you,” wrote another.

Another tweeted: “So all finalists, Millie and Liam, Toby and Chloe, Faye and Teddy are on the main sofa, but not Kaz and Tyler? Yeah, see you lot at ITV studios tonight, I’ve had enough.”

How can I watch the reunion?

If you missed the reunion episode and want to watch it for yourself, you can catch up on the ITV Hub.

The episode is 90 minutes long, and will be available to view for the next 29 days according to the ITV site.

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