Lovestruck High cast: who are contestants on Amazon Prime dating show with Lindsay Lohan - when is it on TV?

Lovestruck High puts 17 UK singletons in an ‘American’ high school where they will compete for a $100,000 prize

The latest dating show to be pumped out of the sausage factory directly onto the plate of British audiences is Lovestruck High.

This fever dream of a series will send 15 UK singles to an American high school (it’s actually in Devon but don’t let reality get in the way of reality TV) where they will compete in a series of challenges and hopefully find love.

A cash prize of $100,000 - about £80,000 so I’m guessing it’s in dollars because it sounds like more - awaits the lucky couple who will be crowned prom royalty.

The cast features the best that Britain’s millennials and gen X has to offer, and features models, social media influencers (of course), a personal trainer and a postman, among others.

Who is the Lovestruck High narrator?

Lindsay Lohan will narrate the series, passing comment on the ups and downs of school life for the 20 to 30 somethings in the Devonshire school.

One of the American actress’s most iconic roles was as Cady in the iconic American High School comedy Mean Girls.

That, coupled with the fact that she went to high school, and is American, gives Lohan the credentials to offer an authentic performance as the omniscient narrator.

Lohan’s other roles include playing Maggie in Herbie: Fully Loaded, Ashley Albright in romcom Just My Luck, and Katerina West in dark comedy series Sick Note.

Lindsay Lohan is the show’s narrator

Who are the Lovestruck High contestants?

Theo - 21, model agent, from Bristol

Yasmine - 25, model, from London

Sin - 24, security officer from West London

Max - 23, personal trainer, from Essex

Junaid - 26, social media influencer, 26, from Essex

KT - 21, content creator, from Milton Keynes

Geoff - 24, events trader from Bedfordshire

Jody - 28, Salon owner, from Bolton

Charlie -29, property manager, from Surrey

Lovestruck High cast

Basit - 27, model and musician, 27, from London

Adam - 30, car salesman, from Norwich

Chante - 24, GP secretary, from London

Huss - 28, postman, from London

Alex - 27, accountant, from Coventry

Jess - 24, fashion creative, from London

Dan - 23, factory worker, from Bridgend

Megan - 24, professional dancer, from Cambridge

Who else is in the Lovestruck High cast?

Ria Lina will play Principal Nelson, in charge of keeping the contestants in line, and with the power to expel anyone who breaks the rules.

Lina is a comedian who has appeared on Mock the Week, The Last Leg, House of Games, and Have I got News for You.

Russell Hicks will play Coach Hughes, putting the contestants through their paces on the sports field.

Hicks is a stand-up comedian and has headlined at comedy clubs across the country including The Stand and Up the Creek.

Chloe Zeitounian will play Miss Kelly, who will test the contestants knowledge in the classroom.

Zeitounian who has had several bit parts in in several TV shows including Murder Decoded, Vengeance: Killer Lovers, and Bill Cosby: An American Scandal.

When is the release date of Lovestruck High?

The first of eight episodes were release on Amazon Prime on 18 May, the next three episodes will be released on 25 May, and the final two will be released on 1 June.