Lovestruck High: cast of new dating show narrated by Lindsay Lohan, Amazon Prime release date and trailer

Narrated by Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan, Lovestruck will see UK singles try out for cheerleading and head to prom

There’s a new reality dating show in town and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Lovestruck High is Amazon Prime’s latest dating show, which follows a diverse group of UK singles as they go back to high school to fall in love.

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But there’s a catch, this is an all-American high school complete with cheerleading, talent shows and prom.

Narrated by Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan, we will watch the Class of 2022 as they hang out in the cafeteria, try out for cheerleading and try to avoid detention.

With plenty of surprises on offer, the couple crowned king and queen of prom win a cash prize of $100,000.

Here’s everything you need to know about Lovestruck and when it’s released on Amazon Prime.

When will Lovestruck High be released?

Lovestruck High students at cheerleading practice (Pic: Amazon Studios)

Lovestruck High will be dropping on Amazon Prime on 18 May.

The dating show, which was filmed in Devon, UK, follows a unique format, sending 17 UK singles to a mock US high school.

What is Lovestruck High?

Principal Nelson (Ria Lina) addresses the students in assembly (Pic: Amazon Studios)

Lovestruck High is a dating show with a unique twist from Amazon Prime Video.

A group of diverse UK singles, will see themselves spending a term at an all-American high school with the hopes of finding the one.

There will be jocks, cheerleaders, prom and plenty of twists with not all of the contestants making it through the semester.

The contestants will be watched by Principal Nelson (Ria Lina), Coach Hughes (Russell Hicks) and Miss Kelly (Chloe Zeitounian).

The dating show takes going back to school literally, with meals held in the cafeteria, school classes and detention on offer.

Narrated by Lindsay Lohan, their main goal is to find a date to prom and be crowned prom king or queen, with a prize of $100,000 up for grabs for the winning couple.

Amazon Prime’s official synopsis reads: “These students won’t be going back to any school as they’re fulfilling their teenage fantasy and entering the nostalgic picture-perfect world of an American high school in their search for love.”

Who is in the cast for Lovestruck High?

Lovestruck High isn’t just the contestants, it also has a star-studded cast that will help keep the school running.

Here is the cast for Lovestruck High:

Lindsay Lohan - Narrator

Lindsay Lohan is the narrator for Lovestruck High (Pic: Amazon Studios)

Lohan, who is famous for her roles in noughties films like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and Just My Luck, will be narrating our 17 singletons journey.

Principal Nelson (Played by Ria Lina)

Students will have to follow Principal Nelson’s rules (Pic: Amazon Studio)

There needs to be someone to keep the students in check and that’ll be Principal Nelson.

Played by actress Ria Lina, who fans might recognise from Yesterday and Steph’s Packed Lunch.

If the students don’t follow Principal Nelson’s rules, they could risk expulsion.

Coach Hughes (Played by Russell Hicks)

Coach Hughes from Lovestruck High will teach the students PE (Pic: Amazon Studios)

Coach Hughes, who is played by Russell Hicks won’t hold back.

From cheerleading to football tryouts, the students can expect to be put through their paces.

Who are the Lovestruck High contestants?

Viewers are introduced to the Lovestruck High contestants in the first two episodes.

The show offers an inclusive cast, showing a diverese representation of sexual orientations, giving other dating shows a run for their money.

Cast of Lovestruck High (Pic: Amazon Studios)

Here are the 17 students looking for love in Lovestruck High:

  • Adam: 30-year-old car salesman from Norwich
  • Alex: 27-year-old accountant from Coventry
  • Basit: 27-year-old model and musician from Dublin, who lives in London
  • Chante: 24-year-old GP secretary from London
  • Charlie: 29-year-old property manager from Surrey
  • Dan: 23-year-old factory worker from Bridgend
  • Geoff: 24-year-old events trader from Sandy
  • Huss: 28-year-old postman from London
  • Jess: 24-year-old fashion creative from London
  • Jodie: 28-year-old salon owner from Bolton
  • Junaid: 26-year-old social media influencer from Essex
  • KT: 21-year-old content creator from Milton Keynes
  • Max: 23-year-old personal trailer from Brentwood
  • Megan: 24-year-old professional dancer from Cambridge
  • Sin: 24-year-old security officer from Northolt
  • Theo: 21-year-old model agent from Bristol
  • Yasmine: 25-year-old model from London

Is there a trailer for Lovestruck High?

Amazon Prime released a trailer for Lovestruck High on 22 April and you can watch it here.

How many episodes of Lovestruck High are there?

There will be eight episodes in total that will be periodically released in May and June.

The episode titles are:

  • Episode 1: Homecoming
  • Episode 2: House Party
  • Episode 3: Spelling Bee
  • Episode 4: Camp Crush
  • Episode 5: Valentine’s Dance
  • Episode 6: Talent Show
  • Episode 7: Promposals
  • Episode 8: Prom

Where can I watch Lovestruck High?

Lovestruck High will start off with three episodes available to stream on Amazon Prime from 18 May.

The next three will be released on 25 May, with the final two episodes dropping on 1 June.