MAFS Australia season 9: which Married at First Sight couples are still together - and where are they now?

The ninth season of Married at First Sight, premiered on 31 January 2022

Season nine of Married at First Sight Australia is mired with drama, as a new selection of single Australians gets married to a stranger selected for them by relationship experts.

One pairing came unexpectedly, as contestants Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes were originally partnered up with different spouses.

But which couples are still together, and where are they now?

Which couples are still together? 

The finale of Married at First Sight Australia premiered in the UK on 20 April, with two reunion episodes airing on Thursday 21 April and Monday 25 April. However, in Australia, the final reunion show premiered on 4 April.

Couples Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar, Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley, and Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer all gave the final decision as yes, to remain married to their spouses.

But are the couples still together now?

Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar

Although Domenica Calarco, 29, and Jack Millar, 27, both said yes to remaining married to each other, the pair confirmed their split as they entered the reunion room separately.

The couple, who were fan favourites, vowed to give their relationship a shot during their final vows.

In the reunion show, Jack said: “I still speak to her like every second day or every other day. Don’t get me wrong, it was very mutual. Very, like we put our heart and soul into it”.

During final vows, Domenica said she wanted her feelings to grow and be stronger than they are.

However, it seems things did not work out for the couple.

Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley

Selina, 33, and Cody, 31, arrived at the reunion hand in hand, but Cody announced on the couch the couple had decided to part ways.

He said: “’Selina and I decided to cool things last night.”

Selina revealed that Cody had ended their relationship after they got back to their hotel after the dinner party.

The pair had planned to move in together, with Selina planning to move from South Australia to join him in Sydney.

But Cody later admitted that their relationship felt forced and that he didn’t see a future with her, and Selina revealed that the pair had broken up.

Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie

Olivia, 27, has been dubbed the “villain of the series” after she exposed a nude photo of co-star Domenica Calarco.

During the reunion episode, Jackson, 30, said to Olivia: “I need to be brutally honest with you. The way you have, at times, responded to some of the challenges in the experiment and some of the snide comments that you have made along the way don’t sit well with me.”

However, the couple revealed they are still together. Jackson revealed he had moved from Melbourne to New South Wales to live with Olivia.

Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud

After Ella, 27, told Mitch, 26, that the experts "definitely hit the nail on the head with things I asked for", and Mitch responded in the same way, the two seemed to be one of the stronger couples on the show.

However, during the final commitment ceremony, Ella revealed she wanted to continue the relationship but Mitch explained he was not ready to commit to her.

During the reunion dinner, Mitch called Ella his girlfriend, but it seems the couple has now split, with Ella said to be dating co-star Brent and Mitch being linked to Brent’s ex, Tamara.

Selin Mengu and Anthony Cincotta

Selin, 32, and Anthony, 38, initially had a strong attraction, but after their honeymoon, things began to go south.

The couple split in the third week of the show after a dinner bill.

When wanting to leave the process, Anthony said: “I need that spark in my life, I need that flare, I need that excitement. I need to be able to connect with somebody and I’m just not feeling that”.

Selin agreed and said: “The one thing I didn’t want to do is lead him on.

“We stayed on to try and see what this was, but I feel I wouldn’t keep going for something I don’t feel a spark for, so I’m done.”

Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello 

Tamara, 29, and Brent, 33, were one of the more fiery couples on the show and decided to break up during their final vows.

Brent told Tamara: “You don’t have any real loyalty to anyone. And I realised you lack all the qualities I’m looking for in a partner.

"The refusal to give in or let go and eventually the inability to be kind destroyed us. And you never took responsibility for your part in our sh-t fate."

Tamara told 9Now: “Brent, I guess he wanted to have his say, have the last word, carry on like a child, throw his cards on the ground and pretty much just a ‘f--- you’.

According to reports, Tamara and Brent have appeared to switch partners with Mitch and Ella.

Samantha Moitzi and Al Perkins

Samantha, 26, and Al, 25, decided to split during the penultimate commitment ceremony.

It was clear that Samantha was taken aback by Al’s lack of “emotional maturity" as the pair struggled with the power dynamic of their relationship.

Jess Saracino and Daniel Holmes

Jess, 27, was ready to leave by the first commitment ceremony, but like Daniel, 30, wrote “stay”, the pair stayed and worked on their relationship for another week.

However, the couple had reached their breaking point, with Jess saying: “From day dot I felt that extreme disconnection to you. I feel like it started before we even had issues. This is the perfect time to tell you that I’m leaving".

When Jess returned to the show for girls’ night, she learned that Daniel was having an affair.

Olivia Frazer told her: “Okay, so I don’t know if you know this, but Daniel and Carolina were carrying on an affair for the last couple of weeks that she was in the experiment” which started on the day they left.

Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli

Carolina, 34, was three hours late to the wedding, after having a ‘meltdown’ about her hair.

The pair parted ways when Caroline appeared at the third commitment ceremony with Daniel Holmes, stating they wanted to enter the experiment as a new couple.

In an interview with 9Entertainment, Dion, 34, admitted he became suspicious of her odd behaviour but was not aware she was cheating on him with Daniel.

Holly Greenstein and Andrew Davis

Holly, 36, had doubts from the start and the relationship quickly deteriorated in the second week of the show, with Andrew, 39, storming out of a dinner party and leaving the show.

Andrew did not show up to the third commitment ceremony, and they became the first couple to leave the experiment.

Kate Laidlaw and Matt Ridley

After weeks of unrequited feelings Kate, 38, and Matt, 39, called it quits in the third week of the show.

Kate was not impressed with her match, and said he needed to “put the brakes on a little”.

After Kate said "leave" for two weeks, Matt followed suit saying he was a realist who didn’t see them getting back on track.

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