Malcolm Webster: who is murderer in Married to a Psychopath TV programme on Channel 4 and is he in prison now?

Channel 4 documentary Married to a Psychopath exploed the life of wife killer Malcolm Webster and the detective who brought him to justice

New Channel 4 documentary, Married to a Murderer, tells the incredible story Malcolm Webster, a man who murdered his wife, and the detective who took on the cold case to bring the killer to justice.

Webster targeted wealthy women, planning to kill them and cash on their life insurance policies, and maxde more than £200,000 through this deadly scheme.

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But Webster became greedy, and when he tried the same ploy for a second time, eyeing more than three times as much money, he caught the attention of the police, although he would evade justice for years.

Webster’s crimes were first portrayed in the 2014 ITV drama The Widower, with Reece Shearsmith playing Webster and Sheridan Smith playing his first wife, Claire.

Malcolm Webster and Felicity Drumm on their wedding day

What did Malcolm Webster do?

Webster, 63, was born in London in 1959, the son of Alexander Webster, head of the Fraud Squad at the Met, and Odette Blewett, a nurse.

Webster went on to become a nurse himself and at one time worked at a children’s ward in the UAE.

He was forced to resign following an investigation into the deaths of three children under his care from cardiac failure, although there was insufficient evidence for a police investigation.

In 1994 Webster killed his wife of one year Claire Morris, by drugging her, putting her into their car and crashing the vehicle and setting it on fire.

He cashed in his late wife’s life insurance policy, receiving £200,000.

Three years later, Webster married his second wife, Felicity Drumm, in New Zealand and had a son with her.

He was accused of trying to kill Drumm after he tried to crash their car with her in the driving seat - she had life insurance policies worth £750,000.

Webster fled New Zealand and began romances with several other women - he tried to marry Simone Banarjee whilst he was still married to Drumm, and Banarjee claims he tampered with her life jacket ahead of a boat trip.

Malcolm Webster is serving a minimum of 30 years in prison for his crimes

Where is Malcolm Webster now?

Webster was charged with Morris’ murder 15 years after the event, as well as for the attempted murder of Drumm.

After a trial that took place over two years, he was found guilty of murder, attempted murder, fraud, attempted bigamy, and theft.

He received a sentence of life imprisonment with a minimum of thirty years to be served - as of 2016 he was serving his sentence in Shotts Prison, Lanarkshire.

What happened to Charles Henry?

Henry worked for Strathclyde Policeled as a detective inspector, leading the investigation into Webster after he had fled New Zealand and was living in Oban.

The investigation involved more than 15 detectives working on the case at any time - 1,000 witness statements were taken and 90 search warrants were obtained.

After Webster was arrested, Henry left the force and worked as a police advisor and consultant on The Widower.

He currently works as a counter fraud officer for Argyll and Bute Council, and is employed as a tour guide of historical sites in Oban, where much of the Webster investigation was based.

Charles Henry led the team that brought Webster to justice

When is Married to a Psychopath on TV?

The two-part documentary series began airing on Channel 4 on 2 May at 10pm, and the second episode will air at the same time on 9 May.

Both episodes are available to watch on All 4 now.