Moneybags season 2: Channel 4 release date, who is host Craig Charles - and celebrity guests with Nina Wadia

Channel 4 game show Moneybags is returning for a second series which will be kicked off with five celebrity specials

Moneybags is a Channel 4 game show hosted by Craig Charles which debuted in November 2021.

The show is made up of five rounds which sees contestants take part in head to head cashbiuilders before one finalist can attempt to take home the money they have made throughout the game.

Craig Charles hosts Moneybags season 2

How does Moneybags work?

Round 1-3

Each game of Moneybags takes place over a week, with ten contestants introduced at the start of each week.


£1 million is then divided into 100 money bags, with values ranging from £1,000 to £100,000 in each bag.

20 bags are chosen at random each day, with those bags being out of play for the rest of the week.

The first three rounds are head to heads - two contestants are chosen to play and they stand by a conveyor belt where the money bags will sail past.

A category is announced, and each money bad will have a different answer on it. The players will each pick a bag that they think has the correct answer

The contestant who picks the correct answer will have the cash value of their money bag added to their balance - while incorrect answers lead to the contestant being frozen out of the next round.

The value of the bags that are not picked is discarded, potentially costing players hundreds of thousands of pounds.


There are 30 episodes of Moneybags in season 2

Some money bags are special - they are Steal, Give Away, and Bankrupt bags.

If a contestant picks a steal hag and has the correct answer, they can take the highest value bag their opponent has won.

If a contestant picks a Give Away bag and guesses the wrong answer, they must give the highest value bag they have won to their opponent.

And if a contestant takes a Bankrupt bag and has the wrong answer, their bank is reset to zero.

At the end of five rounds, the contestant with the most in their bank advances to the next stage, while the other contestant is eliminated and leaves with nothing.


Round 4

The next round is the tripleheader - the winners of the three head to heads go up against each other for another five rounds at the conveyor belt with the same rules as before.

The winner of the tripleheader goes through to the final, where they can win whatever they have gained in their bank.

Round 5

They receive another category, and two bags come down the conveyor - one is a right answer and the other is wrong. If they guess correctly they will win 10% of their bank, if they are wrong, they leave with nothing.

This is repeated a further three times, with the value they can win rising to 20%, 50% and 100%. After the first round they have the opportunity to let both bags pass, ending the game and taking home whatever percentage they had won up to that point.


Who is Craig Charles?

Craig Charles is a presenter, actor and comedian - he is known for playing taxi driver Lloyd Mullaney in Coronation Street on more than 900 episodes, and Dave Lister in sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf.

Charles has also presented Robot Wars, Takeshi’s Castle, The Gadget Show, and Weapons of Mass Distraction.

He came on board to present Moneybags for the first season and has returned for season two.

Charles has appeared as a contestant on Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Pointless Celebrities, and Celebrity Chase.


Who are the celebrity guests?

Celebrities hoping to grab a fortune for charity are: actress

  • Catherine Tyldesley - Coronation Street actress 
  • Greg Rutherford - Olympic long jumper 
  • Claire Richards - Steps singer
  • Nina Wadia - comedian and actress
  • Tom Read Wilson - Celebs Go Dating star
  • Kate Robbins - Impressionist 
  • Dane Baptiste - Comedian 
  • Natasha Hamilton - Atomic Kitten singer 
  • Toyah Willcox - musician and actress
  • Mr Motivator - fitness legend

When is Moneybags season 2 on TV?

Moneybags season two will begin airing with a series of celebrity specials on Channel 4 from Monday 15 August at 5pm.

The rest of the celebrity specials will air at the same time nightly until Friday 19 August.


The remaining episodes of the series will feature regular contestants and will also air on weeknights at 5pm.

There are 30 episodes in season two and they will air over the next six weeks.

Episodes will be available to watch on All 4 shortly after they are first broadcast.