Ramy: Channel 4 release date of season 2, trailer, cast with Mahershala Ali, and will there be a season 3?

The second season of American comedy drama series Ramy is coming to Channel 4 two years after it first aired in the US

Ramy is a Golden Globe winning American comedy series which follows a man caught between two cultures as he tries to find himself.

The series is semi-autobiographical and is written by its star, Ramy Youssef, who is himself a second generation American immigrant with Egyptian parents.

Ramy Youssef as Ramy

Ramy follows the character of the show’s title, a second-generation Egyptian American living in New Jersey. He constantly finds himself pulled between two worlds, that of his Egyptian heritage and his American daily life.

His New Jersey community is divided on political lines, and while Ramy is committed to his Muslim faith uncomfortable in a country devoted to capitalism.

The series is an, at times, darkly comedic look at Ramy’s life in America and his spiritual journey to find his place in the country he lives in but struggles to call home.


What is the plot of Ramy season 2?

Season two sees Ramy return from his trip to Egypt feeling worse than ever - he had fostered hopes of connecting more with his faith and integrating with his family, but things do quite as planned.

Back in New Jersey, Ramy is stuck in a rut, not looking after himself and in danger of spiralling further into disarray.

He decides to do something about it and commits himself to becoming a better Muslim - he leaves his current mosque and is taken under the wing by spiritual leader Sheikh Ali.

Ramy continues to struggle with feelings of guilt that he is not a good enough Muslim, and relentless pushes himself to be better, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Who is in the cast?


Ramy Youssef plays Ramy - the show’s lead. Ramy also wrote the series which is inspired by his own life experiences.

Ramy has also starred in Mr. Robot and Nickelodeon comedy series See Dad Run.

Mahershala Ali plays Sheikh Malik, Ramy’s spiritual leader. Ali is best known for playing Wayne Hays in True Detective and Remy Danton on House of Cards. He has twice won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, for his role in Moonlight and Green Book.

Ramy Youssef as Ramy as Sheikh Ali Malik in Ramy

Other cast members include:

  • Amr Waked as Farouk Hassan
  • Mohammed Amer as Mo
  • Hiam Abbass as Maysa Hassan
  • Dave Merheje as Ahmed
  • Laith Nakli as Uncle Naseem
  • May Calamawy as Dena
  • Steve Way as Steve
  • MaameYaa Boafo as Zainab


When is the release date of Ramy 2?

Is there a trailer?

Yes there is, and you can watch it right here:


Will there be a season 3 of Ramy?

Yes, a third season of Ramy was confirmed by Hulu way back in 2020 after the season two premiere.

No official air date has been confirmed, but it is expected to premiere in the US some time in November 2022.