Ros Atkins On The Week: what time is BBC One current affairs series on TV and who is BBC News journalist host?

BBC news show Ros Atkins On The Week will see the presenter take on major news stories and events from the UK and around the world from the past seven days.

New BBC news show Ros Atkins On The Week features host Ros Atkins as he presents impartial coverage of the biggest events in the UK and around the world of the last seven days. The four-part late night series will see Atkins break down major issues in half hour segments.

Ros Atkins

Who is Ros Atkins?

Ros Atkins is a 48 year old BBC News journalist, from Cornwall - he has more than two decades of experience working for the BBC.

He is the BBC’s Analysis Editor, and has become known as the company’s ‘explainer in chief’ for his viral clips breaking down complex political and national news stories in simple, short videos. His videos on Partygate, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine have been watched hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube and shared widely on social media.

Atkins began his career in South Africa, researching human rights, and joined the BBC in 2001 - he has been with the company ever since. He has made several documentaries,  including Living With Tourists, and Sharing It All.

He presents the news shows Outside Source and Ros Atkins On.. on BBC World News and the BBC News Channel. Atkins also appears on BBC Radio 4 series The Media Show.

Liz Truss has resigned as Prime Minister

What is Ros Atkins On The Week about?

Ros Atkins On The Week is a current affairs series that will discuss major news stories and world events of the last week. The first episode is likely to focus on the mayhem within the Conservative party - Prime Minister Liz Truss spent much of the week struggling to maintain her position before finally offering her resignation this afternoon.

The BBC synopsis for the series reads: “Setting the record straight. Everything you need to know about the world’s biggest stories, with BBC News analysis editor Ros Atkins. Sharp, impartial and to the point.”

Other events which are likely to be covered in the series include the continued Russian invasion of Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, and ongoing machinations in parliament. The shows will analyse and explain news-events, fact check contested information, and be open about the use of sources.

Ros said: “I’ve been thrilled by the reaction to our explainer videos and am equally excited to bring this style of story-telling to BBC One and iPlayer. No story happens in isolation, and we’ll be looking at how each week’s events intertwine in this new type of news programme from the BBC.

“The volume of information coming at all of us can feel overwhelming so we’ll give viewers the facts, context and analysis they need to make sense of what’s happened.”

When is Ros Atkins On The Week on TV?

Ros Atkins On The Week will begin airing on BBC One on Thursday 20 October at 11.40pm. The series will air at the same time weekly. The BBC has initially commissioned four episodes, but the series may continue if it proves popular. All episodes will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer shortly after they are first broadcast.