Screen Babble: Weekend Watch: Scream VI, Unprisoned, Wild Isles, Becoming Frida Kahlo, and Crufts

This week’s film and TV recommendations include Scream VI, Crufts, Wild Isles, and Unprisoned

Screen Babble: Weekend Watch #16Screen Babble: Weekend Watch #16
Screen Babble: Weekend Watch #16

Each week, NationalWorld’s Digital Trends Writer takes a look at all the new shows coming up this weekend and beyond and picks out the highlights that are worth your time. A big film release to look out for this week is Scream VI, the latest instalment of the iconic slasher franchise.

The film’s cast includes Scream regular Courtney Cox and Wednesday star Jenna Ortega and follows the survivors of the last film as they leave Woodsboro for New York City, but are pursued by another Ghostface killer. Scream VI arrived in cinemas on Friday 10 March.

Another film to be aware of this week is Luther: Fallen Sun - the movie, which landed in cinemas last month, follows on from the BBC detective thriller of the same name with Idris Elba returning in the titular role. The disgraced detective escapes from prison and hunts for a psychotic serial killer on the loose in London. Luther: Fallen Sun landed on Netflix on Friday 10 March.

A big TV show out this week in Unprisoned, which follows a therapist and single mum whose life is turned upside down when her father is released from prison and moved in with her and her teenage son. The comedy series stars Kerry Washington and Delroy Lindo. There are eight episodes in the series - all episodes were released on Disney+ on Friday 10 March.

Screen Babble: Weekend Watch #16Screen Babble: Weekend Watch #16
Screen Babble: Weekend Watch #16

Three-part documentary series Becoming Frida Kahlo premieres this week. The series explores the iconic artists life and her notorious relationship with the Mexican painter Diego Rivera. The first episode will air on BBC Two on Friday 10 March at 9pm with episodes releasing at the same time weekly. Episodes will also be available to watch on BBC iPlayer shortly after they are first broadcast.

The most famous dog show around, Crufts has also returned to our screens this week. More than 20,000 dogs will compete in this years competition. Stages of the competition will be broadcast live on More4 in the afternoons and Channel 4 on the evenings on 10,11 and 12 March. Best in Show will air from 7pm-9pm on Sunday 12 March on Channel 4.

David Attenborough’s latest nature series, Wild Isles will begin this weekend - the series explores rich habitats across the UK and was filmed at 145 locations over three years. The first episode will air on BBC One at 7pm on Sunday 12 March - there are five episodes in the series and they will be released at the same time weekly. Episodes will also be available to watch on iPlayer shortly after they have first aired.

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