We Hunt Together: Season 2 release date of Alibi thriller series, cast and where was it filmed?

The cat and mouse thriller will return on Alibi for a second season

The second season of We Hunt Together will see a new mysterious foe emerge as the detectives Lola and Jackson regroup from the dramatic events of season one.

What is We Hunt Together season 2 about?

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The first season of We Hunt Together followed loved up killers, Baba and Freddy as they who go on the run following a series of violent murders.

Detectives Lola Franks and Jackson Mendy took on the job of tracking down the killer couple and bringing them to justice.

The first season ended with Baba dead and Freddy in the clear for the killings having been made to look like an innocent victim dragged into a world of violence by Baba.

However, the second season will take place ten months after the season one finale and see Lola follow up her suspicions about Freddy’s guilt.

Freddy is looking for a new partner to team up with in her criminal quest as she can’t seem to leave murder behind her.

When people close to Freddy start dying in mysterious circumstances it becomes apparent that someone else is on her tale - and the detectives find themselves with another intriguing case to crack.

Who is in the cast of We Hunt Together?

Eve Myles will return as DS Lola Franks - she is known for her role as Claire Ripley in Broadchurch and Gwen Cooper in Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Eve Myles returns as DI Lola

Babou Ceesay is back as DI Jackson Mendy - he has previously played Pilgrim in Into the Badlands, and Wolfe Kinteh in drama series Wolfe.

Hermione Corfield returns as the woman who got away with murder, Freddy Lane. Corfield will be recognisable for her roles of Emma Garland in period drama The Halcyon, and Clemsie Lawrence in action comedy Slaughterhouse Rulez.

Colin Morgan, who is known for his roles in Humans and The Fall, is new to the cast for season two and will play Liam, an author ghost writing a book about Freddy’s ‘ordeal’ as a victim of Baba’s.

Nico Mirallegro will play Robert and Rik Makarem will play James - both characters meet Freddy at a speed dating event.

Where was We Hunt Together filmed?

Season two of We Hunt Together was filmed in Wales in April 2021 - some scenes for the series were filmed in Newport.

When is We Hunt Together on TV?

The first episode of We Hunt Together season two will air on Alibi on 5 May at 9pm.

You can access Alibi with Sky and Virgin TV.