When does Love Island 2022 finish? Date ITV series ends this year - when is finale and reunion special?

Love Island has returned to ITV2 will a brand new Majorca villa for season eight of the dating show

Love Island season eight has almost finished and host Laura Whitmore will crown the winning couple in the finale of the ITV2 dating show.

Season eight has delivered as much drama and, love and heartbeak as any previous year, and there will be a void left in the many fans evenings once the show wraps until January 2023.

There are eight islanders left in the villa after several dumpings and shock exits sent the rest of the contestants packing.

This season premiere held a twist in store for the islanders, with the public deciding who would end up together in the first coupling.

Laura Whitmore returned to host season 8 of Love Island

Over the almost two months Love Island has been on air for, many more bombshells were introduced, coupllings were made and unmade, and some official relationships have begun.

But how long will season eight be on TV for, when will the season finale air, will there be a reunion special, and how long are the episodes?

Here is everything you need to know:

How long will Love Island season 8 be on TV for?

ITV2 has not confirmed an official end date for the series but Laura Whitmore said that the show would run for eight weeks.

This is how long the last two summer seasons of the show ran for in 2019 and 2021, while 2020’s winter season ran for just six weeks.

Monday-Friday and Sunday’s episodes show the challenges, couplings, mundane conversations and deep chats the islanders have been involved in.

On Saturdays, a special episode featuring unaired material from across the week is aired, allowing the islanders to have a day off.

The season premiere was 1hr 35 mins long, but normal episodes run for just over an hour from 9pm-10.05pm.

Italian hunk Davide entered the villa to shake things up at the end of the season premiere

Season seven ran for 49 episodes between 28 June and 23 August 2021, with new episodes running every day of the week except Saturdays.

Season eight will also run for eight weeks and consist of 49 regular episodes. As of 1 August, there is only one episode left - the finale.

When is the Love Island season 8 finale?

The final episode of season eight will air on ITV2 on Monday 1 August at 9pm. As it is the final it will have an extended run time of 95 minutes.

Season seven premiered on 28 June 2021 and the finale aired on 23 August, eight weeks later.

The finale will see which couple will be crowned Love Island winners and awarded with £50,000.

The winning couple will receive an envelope each - one will have the £50,000 prize in and the other will have nothing.

The person with the money must then decide if they will split the prize with their partner or pocket the money for themselves.

Will there be a reunion episode?

A special reunion episode, which will see the couples from the series discuss how things have gone outside the villa, will air less than a week after the finale.

Love Island: The Reunion will air on ITV2 on Sunday 7 August at 9pm - it will have a run time of 90 minutes.