When is Winterwatch 2023? BBC start date, hosts, locations, how to watch live feed - where is series filmed

BBC Two nature programme Winterwatch returns this year with hosts Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Iolo Williams, and Gillian Burke

Live BBC nature programme Winterwatch returns for another run of eight episodes this month shot in two British cities 300 miles apart. The series contains a mix of live reporting and pre-prepared footage, as well as a live feed that is available to watch 24 hours a day. This is everything we know about Winterwatch 2023:

Who are the hosts of Winterwatch 2023?

Chris Packham - Naturalist and nature photographer, known for presenting the children’s nature series The Really Wild Show in the 1980s and ‘90s. As well as Winterwatch he has also presented seasonal shows Springwatch and Autumnwatch since 2009.

Michaela Strachan - The singer and presenter joined Packham on The Really Wild Show in 1993. She was also a regular presenter on Countryfile in the 2000s, and last year she presented archaeology series Digging For Treasure: Tonight with Dan Walker. Strachan joined Autumwatch in 2011 and Springwatch the following year.

Iolo Williams - Welsh  ornithologist (bird expert) Iolo is known for presenting a number of nature programmes for S4C and BBC, including Secret Life of Birds, Welsh Safari, and The Last Wilderness of Wales. He has also presented Springwatch since 2010, and joined Winterwatch in 2019.

Gillian Burke - Natural history expert Gillian has presented on Springwatch, Autumwatch, and Winterwatch since 2019 - she took a break from the programmes last year but is returning for the 2023 series. She has also worked on Animal Planet, and National Geographic’s Thailand’s Wild Side.

Where is Winterwatch 2023 filmed?

Winterwatch 2023 at two very different wildlife locations in the UK, with footage from both settings shared on the live feed. Chris and Michaela will present coverage filmed at habitats in Norfolk’s Wild Ken Hill’s.

Iolo Williams, Michaela Strachan, Gillian Burke, and Chris Packham

The BBC synopsis for the Norfolk episodes states: “The winter rains have brought life back to the grazing marsh and the waterfowl and waders will provide a seasonal spectacle. The remote thermal camera will be deployed to bring us incredible scenes, allowing us to watch the behaviour of Wild Ken Hill’s cast of nocturnal characters.”

Gillian and Iolo will be in Edinburgh taking a look at urban wildlife in Scotland’s capital. The synopsis states: “From the ancient volcanic peak of Arthur’s Seat in the heart of the city to the expanses of the Forth Estuary, they will get a privileged view inside our fastest changing habitat.

“Here they will also uncover exciting new research along the Water of Leith, Edinburgh’s very own wildlife highway - home to secretive otters and marathon migrating eels - as well as charting the fortunes of a badger clan tucked away in the grounds of Edinburgh Zoo.”

When is Winterwatch 2023 on TV?

The new series of Winterwatch will begin airing on BBC Two on Tuesday 17 January at 8pm. Episodes will air at the same time on Tuesday to Friday for two weeks. Episodes will also be available to watch on BBC iPlayer shortly after they are first broadcast.

How can you watch the Winterwatch 2023 live feed?

Viewers can tune into Watch Out and live wildlife cameras on BBC YouTube, BBC iPlayer, or at Winterwatch on the BBC website where hours of live footage will be shared from the filming locations, capturing the natural world in real time.

The Watch Out live-streamed show is also available on the official BBC Springwatch Facebook page. The live feed runs all day every day during the period that Winterwatch is on air.