Where is Home and Away filmed? Filming locations of Australian TV soap - is Summer Bay real and can you visit

Popular places on Home and Away include the Surf Club and the Diner, but is Summer Bay a real place?

Home and Away is a fictional soap set in the Australian beachtown of Summer Bay.

The series which airs on Channel 5 in the UK, is known for its blue skies, sunshine and surfboards, as well as its dramatic storylines.

Popular places on the show include the Surf Club and the Diner, but is Summer Bay a real place and can you visit it?

Here’s everything you need to know about where Home and Away is filmed.

Home and Away characters Ziggy and Tane walking on the beach at Summer Bay (Pic: Endemol Shine/PA Media)

Where is Home and Away filmed?

Home and Away is filmed in two locations in and around the city of Sydney, Australia.

The first spot is the indoor studio in Redfern, where most of the indoor scenes are shot.

The second location is Summer Bay, which is actually Palm Beach in Sydney, where the outdoor scenes are shot.

Is Summer Bay real?

Summer Bay is a real area, but it is actually called Palm beach.

It is located in a suburb in the northern beaches region of Sydney, New South Wales.

Known as “Palmy” to locals, it is home to some of Australia’s richest people and is a popular spot amongst celebrities during the warmer summer months.

All of the outdoor scenes for Home and Away are filmed here, and the outdoor sets include the beach areas of Summer Bay and the exterior shots of some of the homes, the Surf Club and Alf’s Bait Shop.

Summer Bay is actually a real place called Palm Beach in Sydney (Pic: PA Media)

What are the filming locations of Home and Away?

Home and Away is filmed both indoors at Redfern studios and outdoors at Palm Beach.

If you are in Sydney you will be able to visit many of the soap’s well-known locations.

Here are some of the filming locations of Home and Away:

Palm Beach - Palm Beach, NSW 2108, Australia

Visit the real Summer Bay by heading to Palm Beach, which is located in a suburb north of Sydney.

The Surf Club - North Palm Beach, Palm Beach NSW, Australia

The Surf Club is located on North Palm Beach, with Alf’s Bait Shop also located in the same stretch.

Summer Bay Diner - Boathouse, Governor Phillip Park, Palm Beach NSW 2108, Australia

Why not stop off for some lunch at the real Summer Bay Diner?

Set at the Boathouse in Palm Beach, this real life spot features beautiful scenery.

If you want to go all out, check out Back to the Bay Home and Away here.

The website has over 100 locations cited on Google Maps, including exterior shots for apartments, homes and where the opening credit scenes are filmed.

Can I visit the Home and Away set?

Fans of the Australian soap can visit the sets of Home and Away on an official tour.

They will be able to visit Summer Bay and see the exterior sets firsthand.

There are no tours available for the Redfern studios, with no access to the public permitted.

One of the exciting perks is the likelihood of being able to catch a glimpse of filming.

Whilst it can never be guaranteed, Home and Away is filmed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with a two week break in either June or July.

The tour company gives the odds as “50/50” if you visit on a Monday or Tuesday, and “one in three” if you go on a Wednesday.

Tours leave at 9am on the weekdays and last for six hours, you can learn more about the Home and Away set tour here.