Where is You season 4 filmed? London locations including Royal Holloway University and Knebworth House

The fourth season of You was filmed in the UK, with locations including Knebworth House and Royal Holloway University

Penn Badgley is set to return for season 4 of Netflix’s dark thriller You, but this time Joe Goldberg has swapped the States for London, where he’s pretending to be bearded professor Jonathan Moore.

How he got across the Atlantic, considering what went down in the season 3 finale, is anyone’s guess, but since the serial murderer has now moved to London, it means season 4 of You was filmed in the UK, with locations including Knebworth House in Hertfordshire and the Royal Holloway University.

In April 2022, students took to TikTok to share videos of Badgley walking on campus and filming scenes for the upcoming season at the Founder’s Building.

So, where is You season 4 filmed and can you visit the locations? Here’s everything you need to know.

When can I watch You Season 4?

The highly anticipated season 4 of You will be released on Netflix on 9 February.

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You season 4 (Photo: Netflix)

The latest season will feature a staggered release, similar to Stranger Things, with the first batch of episodes available in time for Valentine’s Day. Part 2 of You season 4 will drop a month later on 9 March 2023.

What is the plot?

Season 4 finds Goldberg swapping America for London, where he manages to infiltrate the world of academia posing as a lecturer under the fake name Jonathan Moore. As memories of his life in New York and California start to catch up with him, he begins to fall back into the same old patterns.

Where is You Season 4 filmed?

Despite hints in the season 3 finale that Goldberg was travelling to Paris, You season 4 is filmed in London.

Netflix shared the news in a post on Instagram alongside the caption: “cheerio... you. while changing his behavior may not be joe’s forte, he’s never afraid to switch up his address. if his reading list is any indication, our boy seems to be across the pond.”

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight. Badgley revealed one of the main incentives was cost, explaining: “To be real, it’s cheaper.” He also described the experience as a “homecoming” for his wife Domino Kirke who moved to New York from England as a child.

Badgley shared: “It’s really nice for her to be back ‘cause she left when she was 12 -- that formative time in life.” He added: “She moved to New York City so for her England is an incredibly sweet memory. When she went back it was very emotional for her, so it’s been nice to have them in London. We walked on her childhood street that she hadn’t been in... like 25 years or something and got ice cream from a little truck.”

Filming for the new season also took place in London (Photo: Netflix)

Where are the filming locations for You season 4?

Filming for You season 4 began in London on 21 March 2022 and wrapped up on 27 August. Two of the main filming locations for the series are Knebworth House in Hertfordshire and Royal Holloway University in Egham.

Students spotted Badgley dressed in his professor attire enjoying a stroll on the campus grass and filming scenes for the upcoming season at the Founder’s Building.

A viral TikTok video shared the moment along with the caption “POV: YOU season four is being filmed at your uni.”

Can you visit You Season 4 filming locations?

Fans of the show will be able to visit the filming locations of the latest series. Knebworth House in Stevenage is open to members of the public from 19 March until 24 September. Tickets to visit the Tudor stately home and gardens cost £18.50 online and £19.50 on the gate.

Royal Holloway University is also open to the public, with locations featured in the series including the impressive Founder’s Building available to visit. Those who are prospective students can also arrange a campus tour.

The University is incredibly popular for filming and has featured in films and TV shows including: Great British Railway Journeys, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Stargazing Live, Cheat, Downton Abbey, Celebrity Masterchef, Midsomer Murders and Antiques Roadshow.