Why are there no adverts on TV today? Reason some channels are skipping advertisements after Queen’s death

ITV and Channel 4 has suspended adverts on their main channels on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Public service broadcasters ITV and Channel 4 pulled advertising from their main channels on the day following the death of the Queen.

The Queen’s funeral is being held today (19 September) and will be broadcast live on BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, and Channel 4.

Following the death of the Queen, several television channels changed their schedules in order to accommodate memorials to the late queen and coverage of the accession of King Charles III.

News of the Queen’s death was shared around the world within minutes of the official announcement and in the hours since many events have been postponed or cancelled.

ITV and Channel 4 announced that they would once again be pausing advertisements on the day of the funeral.

Channel 4 aired documentary Her Majesty The Queen on the evening of her death


Unlike the day after the Queen’s death, advertisements will also be paused on secondary channels and their on demand services ITV Hub and All 4.

Why are there no adverts on some TV channels today?

Main British TV channels including BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 amended their schedules yesterday (8 September) to cover the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

ITV confirmed that all advert breaks have been suspended on its main channel on 9 September - advertisements still aired on ITV2 and on the ITV Hub.

ITV had been criticised by some viewers for continuing its regular programming in the hours after Buckingham Palace released a statement of concern for The Queen’s health.


After the Queen’s death was announced, scheduled ITV shows such as Emmerdale were pulled to allow for coverage and tributes.

ITV said that it has suspended advertisements as a mark of respect to Queen Elizabeth II, whose reign began before the channel was founded.

Channel 4 has postponed advertisements on its main channel and on streaming service All 4

Coverage on ITV was altered on Friday 9 September - Good Morning Britain still aired from 6-9am, but from 9am for the rest of the day the channel will air nothing but news coverage and tributes to the late monarch.

From 12.10am until 6am Saturday morning ITV aired the documentary The Queen Remembered.

Channel 4 also announced that advertisements would be cut on its main channel and its online streaming service. Adverts still ran on other Channel 4 properties including E4, E4 Extra and Film4.


The channel released a statement which said: "All advertising and sponsorship has been temporarily suspended on Channel 4 and All 4"

Channel 4 also aired a special extended news programme from 6.30pm on 8 September which was followed by documentaries about the Queen’s life.

Regular daytime programming has continued on Channel 4 on 9 September without adverts, but from 5.55pm-9pm another extended news broadcast aired.

ITV and Channel 4 are expected to pause advertising across their platforms for the 24 hour period of 19 September, with advertisements resuming on Tuesday 20 Setpember.

Have other platforms suspended adverts?


Some social platforms have joined in suspending advertisements as a mark of respect to the Queen and royal family.

Twitter has turned off adverts in the UK for 48 hours, and Snapchat has announced a pause on advertising on its Discover news page for 24 hours.

The Mail Online, one of the UK’s largest news websites has also suspended advertising on its pages

Additionally, several companies who had intended to launch marketing campaigns in the coming days, have decided to postpone the event.