Who won The Games? Gold, silver and bronze medal winners of ITV game show - and will there be another series?

The Games came to an end this month in a thrilling finale hosted by Holly Willoughby and Freddie Flintoff

The Games was revived this month for a new series after the original show run ended back in 2006.

The olympic style competitive game show two pairs of six celebrities against each other for a chance to claim a gold medal.

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12 celebrities took part in The Games and two took home gold medals

What were the final challenges?

The first event of the final was sport climbing, and Phoenix Chi Gulzar and Wes Nelson took the top spots in the event.

Next up was women’s weightlifting and Rebecca Sarker was was victorious here.

The final challenge for both groups was a 100m sprint, and this event was not close with both the men’s and women’s winners leading by a fair distance.

Who won The Games?

After the final event, singer-songwriter Chelcee Grimes and LoveI Island Star Wes Nelson were top of the leaderboard and secured their gold medals.

Chelcee Grimes took the gold medal after winning the 100m sprint

The pair had racked up points on the leaderboard through a series of successes over the week and Wes was the overall winner having amassed 45 points just ahead of Chelcee on 42.

After securing his win, Wes said: “it’s great. The boys have been great pushing each other."

Chelcee added: "I just want to say a huge thank you to all the girls. I’m so proud of you all so shout out to you all."

Wes Nelson was overall winner with an impressive 45 points

Who were the runners up?

Former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas was the men’s runner up with 39 points taking the silver medal.

Phoenix Chi Gulzar, an influencer and Mel B’s daughter, was the women’s runner up on 35 points.

Harry Potter actor Josh Herdman and Emmerdale actress Rebecca Sarker both won bronze medals with 38 and 33 points each.

The rest of the leaderboard looked like this:

The Men

4th place: Kevin Clifton - 28 points

5th place:  Max George - 23 points

6th place: Colson Smith - 18 points

The Women

4th place:  Lucrezia Millarini - 32 points

5th place: Christine McGuinness - 27 points

6th place: Olivia Attwood - 21 points

Were there claims of a fix?

Audience members had complained about fixes in several events over the five live shows.

Fans criticised producers over an apparent fix on the live broadcast on 10 May when Phoenix was awarded third place in the 50m breaststroke despite actually finishing fourth behind Chelcee.

In an incident on the live show on 11 May fans complained that the contestants’ fouls were being ignored in order to fix the leaderboard.

During the women’s javelin, Christine and Phoenix’s throws both landed tail end first, which is a foul, but their throws were still accepted.

And in yet another instance, in the show on 12 May, there were complaints that Chelcee should have been disqualified after the cycling event when she overtook the pacesetting bike.

Will there be another season of The Games?

As the latest season has just finished there is no word yet on whether another series will be commissioned.

The first episode of the season managed to bring in an impressive 2 million viewers, but this figure had already dropped by 500,000 by the second episode.

Further announcements on whether The Games will be brought back for another season are likely to come later in the year, so watch this space.