Worst House on the Street: Channel 4 release date - and who are presenters Stuart and Scarlette Douglas?

Worst House on the Street is a new Channel 4 home development programme which sees properties renovated on a budget

Worst House on the Street joins the long list of property shows produced by Channel 4, coming the week after Help! We Bought a Village aired.

This new series follows families who plan to renovate their dated properties and make them into their dream home.

Scarlette and Stuart Douglas present Worst House on the Street

Channel 4 came under fire for another of its recent property shows - George Clark’s Flipping Fast, which some viewers branded as tone deaf because it showed developers trying to cut corners on homes they planned to rent out.

However, in Worst House of the Street, the owners are doing up homes that they themselves live in, rather than working to flip real estate on the cheap at another’s expense.

What is Worst House on the Street about?

Property developers Scarlette and Stuart Douglas meet couples who are in the process of turning run-down properties into trendy homes without going over budget.

The duo will offer the expertise they have gained from decades in the property industry to help the homeowners achieve their dreams without spending themselves into despair.

The first episode of the series sees a couple in Croydon who are renovating their terrace property discover asbestos which could stymie their plans.

In the second episode, a couple in York plan to transform their property that has been untouched for decades into a desirable home.

Scarlette and Stuart will travel the length and breadth of the country to observe and advise ambitious renovation projects and prove that they can be affordable.

Who are the presenters of Worst House on the Street?

Worst House on the Street is presented by brother and sister duo Scarlette and Stuart Douglas.

The pair are professional property developers and have previously appeared on Channel 4’s Black to Front series, which showcased black TV talent - replacing Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer for a special episode of Love it or List it.

Scarlette won two Best Presenter awards for her work on A Place in the Sun

Scarlette has presented on A Place in the Sun since 2015, where she helps to find dream holiday homes for house hunters.

For this role she won Best Presenter at the International Achievement Recognition Awards and the Black British Entertainment Awards.

Scarlette and Stuart also took part in George Clarke’s Flipping Fast, where they oversaw six teams who invested £100,000 in property with the hope of turning a profit over 12 months.

Stuart is a former professional footballer who had played for clubs including Luton Town and Boston United - he is now a physiotherapist for AFC Bournemouth.

He began buying and developing properties in the location of the football clubs that he played for, selling that at a substantial profit.

The pair own the property development and interior design company Kindred Elite.

When is Worst House on the Street on TV?

The first episode of Worst House on the Street will air on Channel 4 at 8pm on Tuesday 2 August.

There are six one-hour episodes in the season and they will be released at the same time weekly - episodes will be available to watch on All 4 shortly after they are first broadcast.