Trigger Point cast: who stars in 2022 Peacock series with Adrian Lester and Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure?

Vicky McClure, Adrian Lester, and Kerry Godliman star in the ITV thriller from Jed Mercurio

Trigger Pointis ITV’s answer to Line of Duty. It’s a suspenseful thriller about a group of bomb disposal experts during a London terror campaign, starring Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester.

Trigger Point aired in early 2022 in the UK, and is arriving in the US on Peacock on Friday 8 July.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Trigger Point.

Vicky McClure

Vicky McClure lies flat on the ground, shining a torch to look under a car (Credit: Ross Ferguson/ITV)

Who is she playing? McClure is playing Lana Washington, a bomb disposal expert who previously served in Afghanistan. She’s very close friends with Joel Nutkins, another “expo” on her team.

Where do I know her from? Most likely you know McClure from her starring role in Line of Duty, though you might also recognise her from This is England or I Am Victoria.

If I enjoyed her performance in this, what should I check out next? McClure is in a supporting role rather than the lead, but you might enjoy Alex Rider – a surprisingly well-made action thriller that rarely feels constrained by its YA roots.

Adrian Lester

Adrian Lester as Joel Nutkins in Trigger Point (Credit: ITV/Ross Ferguson)

Who is he playing? Adrian Lester plays Joel Nutkins, a bomb disposal expert who’s been a friend and mentor to Lana Washington ever since they served together in Afghanistan.

Where do I know him from? Lester is a prolific actor, so there’s all sorts of projects you might know him from, but his most famous role to date is still Mickey Blue in Hustle.

If I enjoyed his performance in this, what should I check out next? More of a psychological thriller than an action piece like Trigger Point, but Lester gave a great performance across from John Simm in the three-part drama Trauma back in 2018.

Warren Brown

Warren Brown as Ray Mullen in The Responder (Credit: BBC One)

Who is he playing? Brown first appears in the second episode of Trigger Point, playing Karl Maguire.

Where do I know him from? Again, all sorts of things – Brown is one of those very reliable, “that guy from that thing” type actors, who’s appeared in everything from Doctor Who to Luther to Strike Back.

If I enjoy his performance in this, what should I check out next? Brown is also set to appear in The Responder, where he plays something of an antagonist across from Martin Freeman’s urgent response officer – The Responder is well-worth checking out when that starts.

Kerry Godliman?

Who is she playing? Godliman is playing Sonya Reeves, a forensics expert who works on the same team as Lana Washington and Joel Nutkins.

Where do I know her from? You probably recognise Godliman from her appearances on various panel shows – she’s best known as a stand-up comic, and previously competed on Taskmaster – or maybe from her role in Ricky Gervais’ After Life.

If I enjoyed her performance in this, what should I check out next? She’s best known as a comic, but you might be interested in Godliman’s more dramatic turn in Whitstable Pearl.

Manjinder Virk

Manjinder Virk in Trigger Point (Credit: ITV)

Who is she playing? Virk plays Samira Desai, one of the Met Police specialists involved in the case.

Where do I know her from? Virk has previously appeared in The Beast Must Die and Midsomer Murders. You might also know her from her short films Forgive and Out of Darkness.

If I liked her performance here, what should I watch her in next? You should check out Peter Kosminsky’s Britz, which touches on some similar ideas to Trigger Point – Virk, who stars alongside a young Riz Ahmed, gives a really fantastic performance. She’s very much the anchor of the whole thing, it wouldn’t work anywhere near as well it does without her.

Mark Stanley

Who is he playing? Stanley plays DI Thom Youngblood, a Metropolitan Police officer who’s particularly close to Lana Washington.

Where do I know him from? Stanley does a lot of period drama, so you might not recognise him in Trigger Point’s modern day London, but he’s previously appeared in Game of Thrones, Sanditon, and the recent Channel 5 Anne Boleyn biopic.

Eric Shango

The cast of Trigger Point, including Eric Shango on the far right (Credit: ITV)

Who is he playing? Shango is playing Danny, a new and relatively inexperienced recruit to the bomb disposal team.

Where do I know him from? This is actually Shango’s first screen role; writer Daniel Brierley described him as one of the breakout stars of Trigger Point, so he’s likely got big things in his future.

Who writes and directs Trigger Point?

Trigger Point has been written by Daniel Brierley, a first-time thriller writer who recently told National World about his creative process and how he developed the series. It’s been produced by Jed Mercurio, who previously wrote Bodyguard and Line of Duty.

The series was directed by Gilles Bannier and Jenny Darnell, who have previously directed episodes of Line of Duty.